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Insight to Leadership

Hadn’t been feeling 100% today so while binge-watching Blue Bloods, I caught something. The commissioner conducted an inspection of a precinct because there was a cop killer on the loose. He wanted to make sure his officers were sharp, alert, and well equipped. The officers stood in formation and one by one, the commissioner inspected their uniform. One was missing his flashlight, another had his cell phone on display, and another was missing their nightstick. They were distracted and careless; a set up for destruction. Not one of them copped an attitude when he called them on their folly. They responded, “Yes, sir”, owned their shortcoming, and accepted the correction. Now, how many people do you know would have sulked, withdrawn to their pity corner, and feel offended? Or who would have been thankful that someone with greater insight called them on a hidden danger? Protection looks like punishment. When someone is telling you something for your own good, why not swallow the attitude, listen, and live? The commissioner didn’t have to call out their flaws. He could have overlooked it to keep everyone happy. He could have remained in his posh upstairs office and let the officers fall on their own swords but when you care about your command, you will come out of your comfort zone to see about those in your influence. When you understand authority, another man’s comfort – not even your own is a priority. Seeing to the well being of those in your command becomes your priority. It is instinctive for you to watch them and call out what you see and whether they like what you say is not even up for discussion. We all have a job to do; lead or follow someone who will.

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When Service Is No Longer Pleasurable

Serving (in anything) should be a pleasure. When serving becomes a chore, you have lost your passion which opens the doors for spirits of passivity, complacency, complaining, long-eyeing folks, and other works of the flesh to manifest. Do what you do wholeheartedly or don’t. A half- hearted work is worse than the thing never being touched in the first place for as in the case of Samuel and Saul, someone has to now perform clean up duty of your thing in addition to their own service.

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Wisdom Keys in Relationships

Wisdom Keys of Life: When you’ve reached out to someone you care about and they do not respond, you’ve got your answer for the moment.Often in relationships we pursue people for whatever reason sometimes we are only left with the fact that you tried to reach out, proceed with your life and don’t keep hurting yourself. By: Apostle Ivory Hopkins• Relationships can only be made by two participants • With offences true or false that’s were their mind is at the moment• Your reaching out to them at least left the door for them to come in• If they don’t keep them in your prayers and proceed with what you have responses and control over.• To walk in the high calling of life you can’t stay camped out in situations that’s going nowhere.Families and relationship have a lot of issues and I have learned that you can’t fix everything, all you can do is put forth your best afford and move on because you know you did.Someone needed this Wisdom Key of Life to help them cope I am still working on my new book: Wisdom Keys of Practical Life
Authored by Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

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Gehazi’s Downfall

Gehazi served Elisha; he was his ‘adjutant’ of sorts but something triggered in Gehazi’s heart that would change his life forever. Gehazi entertained a spirit of greed, covetousness, and dishonor which took root in his heart and harvested a great deal of trouble in his life. He betrayed his man of God, he worked behind his back, took what didn’t belong to him, and wiped his mouth clean as if he had done nothing wrong. Elisha knew full well what Gehazi had done and of the spirits Gehazi had been operating in but like Jesus, he held his peace. He allowed Gehazi to fully manifest and then came the judgment.I studied the 20th chapters and 17th verses(2017) in the Bible and Exodus 20:17 clearly warns against covetousness. It is a grave sin which opens the doors to many spirits of torment to attack a person’s life. Elisha was the set man, it was his right to receive gifts from Naaman whether he choose to or not but Gehazi clearly had neither lot or say in the matter. It was not his place to take anything from Naaman. He should have articulated his desires to Elisha and let Elisha decide from there but covetousness of the heart will impair judgment. It will cause one to think they are owed something, as if they are being ‘left out’ but this is a lie from the enemy. If you have to lie and deceive to meet a need, God is not the source of that need. Subsequently, Gehazi was afflicted with leprosy, a life time health condition and simultaneously lost his place in Elisha’s life. This was a high price to pay but God sent a message behind the judgement. Thou shalt not covet. Stay in your place of grace. Don’t graze in another man’s pasture unless invited to do so and above all, walk in honesty. Elisha sees you and so does the God of Elisha.

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Saul was so preoccupied with seeking after David that he neglected to watch his real enemy, the Philistines. The Philistines took his life and those of his sons and David took his throne.So many of us have focused on the wrong things and we wonder why our enemy has gained on us. Our eyes and attention is everywhere except where it needs to be and then the next thing we know, we have lost our place, those connected to us suffer, and God raises someone else up to take our place. Losing focus is costly. And what’s worse is you don’t know you’ve lost focus until it’s too late. When God tells you to pay attention, do it. He is still filling abandoned seats with his Davids.

Source: Delisa Lindsey