PDL Book: The Six Obligations of the Prophet in Spiritual Warfare

Years ago, a dear and very beloved woman of God from Plainfield, NJ prophesied to me as I sat in her living room. She has since gone home to be with the Lord but one thing she revealed to me was that I was destined to teach and train prophets. She spoke the word to me with a nonchalance that was striking. I was an educator in the public school system at that time but it had never occurred to me that the lanes and gears in my life were about to shift.

I am strongly convinced that just as every apostle needs a prophet, every prophet needs a prophet as well. This guide is the fruit of my prophetic destiny and it will no doubt help to launch you into yours too.

Get ready to be fully equipped as a prophet or prophetic people to stand with others as they engage in spiritual warfare.

Available http://www.pdlministries.com