The Cracks in Your Windshield

I saw in a vision this morning the image of a cracked windshield. I saw a person driving nearby a dump truck carrying gravel. Loose gravel from the dump truck flew away and struck this person’s windshield. As I could see this person, they were seething with anger and hostility at the driver of the dump truck who was oblivious to what had just occurred. I could see this person even weeks later glaring at the crack in his window and being reminded of his vengeance toward the unconcerned truck  driver. The driver of the vehicle had full and comprehensive insurance policy with the best insurance agency in town, yet refused to make a claim. The driver continued to procrastinate about having his windshield repaired. Yet, every time this driver hit a bump in the road, he would revisit his feelings of hostility toward the truck driver because he feared the window being broken into a million pieces and being injured as a result. Finally, weeks later, the owner of the car, weary of being stressed out every time he drove his car, took his car to have the window repaired which his insurance paid in full.

Now you are wondering why I shared that vision with you. The Lord was showing me that there are some of us who have been driving through life with cracks in our windows. Cracks which could easily be prepared through fasting and prayer. He is showing us that we will become innocent victims of others’ carelessness’s. Especially in relationships, whether through marriages, family, employment, yes even in the church, you will become offended at someone else’s fault. But what do you do when your window has been hit by a stray rock? What do you do when someone you trusted to keep their baggage intact, allows their issue to become your issue? How do you handle the friend whom you tried to help who now begins to gossip and meddle into your affairs? How long will you drive through life with a cracked windshield?

You have the best insurance policy available. Your policy number is Psalms 103 – BTLOMS, in other words, Bless The Lord O My Soul which forgets not all of His benefits. This policy paid in full with the blood of Jesus forgives, heals, redeems, crowns, satisfies, and renews. You have protection against all drive by attacks by the Blessed Assurance, insurance program. The Lord wants us to stop going though life all ‘cracked’ up and come to Him that He may renew our spirit and restore unto us the joy of our salvation.

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