The Ice, the Ground, and the Tiller

This morning as I drove my daughter to the bus stop, I could not help how hard and icy the ground had become. Even as I walked across the front yard, I could hear the frozen grass crunching under the weight of my foot. I stood still for a moment, cold, but intrigued, as I reminisced how the luscious and velvety green the yard was only a few months ago. Thoughts of my children playing ball flashed through my mind. Thoughts of my husband and sons tending to the lawn flashed through my mind, but as I looked down, there were no signs that life was ever there. The Lord began to speak.

He said,” This ground has become like the hearts of some of My people. It once was a place where I could plant, tend, and harvest. It was once a place where my Word would dance and come alive. It was a place where I managed the activities of the body because it yielded itself to Me. Now look at it. It is hard. It is icy. It is lifeless. It represents a heart which refuses to repent; one which refuses to confess its sins. Nothing can be planted. Nothing can be harvested. It is good for nothing but to trodden upon by man. The grass you heard painfully bowing underneath your feet, represent what little harvest has remained. It is like the withering leaf; listless and worthless. It represents the fragment of the Word which is yet trying to spring forth and live despite having its roots frozen. Never you mind, and don’t be concerned for I have a remedy for the frozen heart. I have a tiller which burrows deep in to the earth, it cuts up and shreds and prepares the heart to receive again. This heart is experiencing a season of winter, but I have a rainy season, full of tears, which tenderizes that frozen heart, and softens it to receive seed again.”

I gave careful thought to what the Lord said and my response in prayer was simply, “Lord, in my winter season, keep the heater of the Holy Ghost burning that my ground will remain soft and pliable that the works of Your hands should remain.”

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