There is a Raisin in the Son

The Lord showed me a vision of a fruit this morning. A small fruit; even a raisin. He whispered in my ear saying, ‘There is a raisin in the Son.” Whoa, God, I pondered, what do you mean there is a raisin in the Son? (God loves to deal with me in parables!) He said remember the virgins in Israel who would tread the freshly harvested grapes from the vines to make wine? I said, yes Lord. He said you know that wine is symbolic of the joy in the Holy Ghost; it makes one happy. I said, yes Lord. He said there is a joy that My people are getting ready to experience that will surpass any they have had in the past. There is an anointing of fresh wine, an anointing of fresh joy coming to the church. God said that we have been travailing, warring, and wrestling and the enemy has tried to seize our joy. But I am returning to you the joy of your salvation. You will smile again. You will laugh again. There has been a garment exchange in the Spirit concerning you. I have given you a cloak of joy for the garment of heaviness. God said I have given you a new dance, a new shout and a new reason to rejoice.

I said okay Lord, but what about the raisin? He said the raisin has withered in the faith; withered in the Son. He said the raisin has been overexposed. It had no covering and it made a vain attempt to stand before me naked and ashamed. Then the Lord began to show me how many ‘church folk’ have been hiding behind religion, dogma, titles, and positions imitating the robustness and vitality of grapes, but when the curtains were pulled back and when the covers were snatched off of them, they were exposed and ashamed, hence the raisin.

God said although a raisin has maintained a portion of her sweetness, she has lost her elasticity. She cannot be stretched, in other words, a raisin will always move in restriction. She cannot be used after the manner of the grape. She is unable to release sweet juice like a grape, thus unable to produce joy. God said raisins are cheap, inexpensive, and in plenty and are available at anytime for anything, but the grapes operate in their seasons, fulfill their purpose and wait patiently for the Lord to call them forth again. Grapes are a hot commodity, when they function in their season, they are in high demand, but raisins are never in high demand for they are always used as a side item. Furthermore, a raisin can be kept for extended periods of time. A raisin could care less if anyone chose them to do a work for God, a grape, on the other hand, is always a looking for an opportunity to be used by God. A grape wants to remain fresh and has to be used within a few days of it being harvested. A raisin can sit on the shelf for weeks. God said there is a stagnant, stiff, story behind every raisin. God said He is calling for a re-examination of our status: are we grapes or raisins?

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