You Shall Lack No Good Thing

I prophesy to you today that a thousand shall fall at your side, and ten thousand at your right hand; but it shall not come near you. There shall no evil befall you, neither shall any plague come near your dwelling place . You shall tread upon the lion and the adder: the young lion and the dragon shall you trample under your foot because you have made the Lord even the God of the Universe your God. The lions may grow weak and hungry but you who seek the Lord shall lack no good thing.

Possession AND Occupancy

Deuteronomy 26:1, ‘And it shall be, when you come into the land which the Lord your God is giving you as an inheritance and you possess it and dwell in it’.

God has promised all of us ‘lands’ but it is our responsibility to possess AND dwell in our inheritance. It is not enough to have the promise, but to legalize the promise, you must possess AND dwell. To take possession of your ‘land’ is to clear any others off your ‘land’ who were previous owners.

Buying a car just recently, the previous owner had to TRANSFER the title to my husband and me as the new legal owners. To take possession of a thing means to own it outright, not financed nor mortgaged, and independent of secondary borrowers. Only the one who rightfully has the promise or the deed to the land has the ownership. To take possession means to uproot, evict, clear and clean the land of any and all previous occupants.

To dwell means to make the land habitable. It means to have all the provisions in place to live abundantly. In order to facilitate this, one must sow seeds. A seed has to be sown for every harvest you expect. Here is where many fail. They war to take possession but are not able to dwell in their promised land without depending on others for assistance. If God has promised you a land, He fully expects you to be self sufficient. This is why the manna stopped because they experienced what was buried within their promised land and tasted the potential. He expected Israel to begin to sow seed for what they need. When you are in your wilderness, God will provide the harvest for you but when you enter your promised land, you are expected to be mature enough to sow your own seed instead of eating it and learn how to cultivate your own crop. This is what separates the men from the boys in the Kingdom and this helps explain why there are so many who pray and engage in spiritual warfare for POSSESSION OF THEIR PROMISE, but are barely ever able to enter into the second realm of their promise which is OCCUPANCY.


Deal With It

As mad as you may be with the world that someone has hurt you, don’t take it out on the world because it is NOT OUR FAULT! Don’t generalize your issue and include everyone in your experience. It was an isolated one. It happened to you. Now be responsible about it and deal with it. Cry, scream, kick, and pout and get it all out of your system. And when you are done, move on. Chances are the person who has hurt you already has. Live your life from this point on wiser, better, and more discerning.


Examination Time

There should be regular intervals in our relationship with God where we examine our growth. We don’t need to examine our church attendance or our participation in community projects because these things can be easily gauged. But at some point we need to sit still and assess our spiritual growth. Have we learned anything new? Have we studied the Word of God in a different section of the Bible? How is our prayer vocabulary, are we repeating the same things or using repetitive patterns in prayer? The Bible says Jesus grew in stature. When you grow, dimensions about yourself change. When a woman is carrying a child, dimensions about her body changes. Her waist line thickens, her feet swells, her nose spreads among other things. What changes are taking place in you? What has changed to substantiate your spiritual growth? Is your circle of influence changing? Do people flock to you or away from you and why? Check your height and weight. How tall are you in the spirit (stature) and how much do you weigh (level of authority)?


Show Me How to be Strong

Be strong in the Lord, and in the power of his might– Ephesians 6:10

That verse sounds so simple to rehearse in the ears of someone who is going through but to the person being tested at that specific time, it takes more than a few encouraging words to get them through a tough time. Many times, they need to hear HOW YOU MADE IT THROUGH your tough time with the Lord’s Strength and in the Power of His MIGHT. The Pharisees were well versed in the Word, but the DEMONSTRATION of the Word was yet another thing. Yes, quote a scripture but go a bit beyond that and LIVE THE SCRIPTURE. Your life may be the only Bible a person ever reads and you may be the only Jesus a person ever sees. Remember, Jesus did not sit in Jerusalem where all the people gathered for them to gaze upon Him, rather He reached them where they were. He went to them. Sometimes you have to get to the people. Paul said, I become all to win some. Let the Word of God and the Counsel of God flow from your belly to reach ALL THE PEOPLE, not just those in Jerusalem (church) and use whatever resources the Lord has placed in your hand to deliver the people. Moses had a ROD and delivered millions! Think about the GREATER WORKS that we can do with the unlimited amount of resources that we have available to us. Speak a word!


An Incredible Author

Psalms 139:16 says, ‘Your eyes saw my substance being yet unformed. And in Your book they all were written, The days fashioned for me. When as yet there were none of them.’ God is so awesome to narrate and hand write the pages of the books of our lives without us having ever living a single one. He is the AUTHOR. This is where we derive the confidence to never stop trusting Him because He is ultimately in control of everything we can ever go through in life, God is already there.


He is Listening

Malachi 3:16 Say, “Then those who feared the Lord spoke to one another, and the Lord listened and heard them: So a book of remembrance was written before Him, For those who fear the Lord And who meditate on His name.” Wow!! Each time we SPEAK as children of God, believers on the name of Jesus, our words are being RECORDED!! God, Himself listens intently to our EVERY conversation as we speak to one another. He is taking keen interest in how we handle one another! Isn’t that something? God loves to listen to us as we talk about Him. And God help us if we are talking about nonsense!


Wheels on the Ground

On our return home, my sons and I were discussing how much air traffic there was tonight. (we live near the airport) The sky was lit with flashing lights as the planes hang in air, suspended there awaiting their turn to land. I looked up and I received a revelation!!! “Those planes are symbolic of someone’s blessing. It is suspended and being held captive in the spirit realm. But there are preparations being made on the landing strip of your life. The angels of God are orchestrating a path for your blessing to land and those flashing lights are closer than they appear. The wheels on the plane are in place for a smooth landing and what has been withheld has been released. The princes of the air have been routed in another direction and your blessing which was stuck, just became loose!”

Retreat and Then Advance

Sometimes in life you have to retreat. It does not mean that you surrender, simply that you must take time to analyze a few things. You may need a new strategy, a new prayer language, and a fresh wind. I have found that when I am facing a complex situation and when I rest or pause from it for a moment, my mind has chance to reset itself. When studying division as a primary student, I tried and tried desperately to grasp the concepts taught but experienced great difficulty. I took a step away from my 3rd grade homework, ran outside to play and when I returned, I solved the problem right away. I carried that formula throughout my entire life. I have learned to retreat and get a fresh wind. I have learned to sit still, ponder, and walk away to come back at a later time to tackle it again. And it works. Jesus stole away. After intense moments of ministry, He stole away to be refreshed. He allowed the angels to minister to Him and restore Him. I am hearing the Lord say to someone today that you have stood face to face with a thing and your approach to it has become stale. Nothing’s moving, nothing’s happening and you need a change. You need a retreat. Get somewhere and sit down! Literally. Get a refreshing in your spirit and come back at it again. Hear God’s present mind for the matter and follow the promptings of Holy Spirit. By no means are we expecting you to give up, in fact that is uncharacteristic of a believer, but go outside and play. Take a walk. Blow some bubbles. Take a breather and you will see how much more ease you will be able to handle your issue and you won’t run your blood pressure up in the process. Chill out (as the young folk say) and take a load off.