Retreat and Then Advance

Sometimes in life you have to retreat. It does not mean that you surrender, simply that you must take time to analyze a few things. You may need a new strategy, a new prayer language, and a fresh wind. I have found that when I am facing a complex situation and when I rest or pause from it for a moment, my mind has chance to reset itself. When studying division as a primary student, I tried and tried desperately to grasp the concepts taught but experienced great difficulty. I took a step away from my 3rd grade homework, ran outside to play and when I returned, I solved the problem right away. I carried that formula throughout my entire life. I have learned to retreat and get a fresh wind. I have learned to sit still, ponder, and walk away to come back at a later time to tackle it again. And it works. Jesus stole away. After intense moments of ministry, He stole away to be refreshed. He allowed the angels to minister to Him and restore Him. I am hearing the Lord say to someone today that you have stood face to face with a thing and your approach to it has become stale. Nothing’s moving, nothing’s happening and you need a change. You need a retreat. Get somewhere and sit down! Literally. Get a refreshing in your spirit and come back at it again. Hear God’s present mind for the matter and follow the promptings of Holy Spirit. By no means are we expecting you to give up, in fact that is uncharacteristic of a believer, but go outside and play. Take a walk. Blow some bubbles. Take a breather and you will see how much more ease you will be able to handle your issue and you won’t run your blood pressure up in the process. Chill out (as the young folk say) and take a load off.

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