Examination Time

There should be regular intervals in our relationship with God where we examine our growth. We don’t need to examine our church attendance or our participation in community projects because these things can be easily gauged. But at some point we need to sit still and assess our spiritual growth. Have we learned anything new? Have we studied the Word of God in a different section of the Bible? How is our prayer vocabulary, are we repeating the same things or using repetitive patterns in prayer? The Bible says Jesus grew in stature. When you grow, dimensions about yourself change. When a woman is carrying a child, dimensions about her body changes. Her waist line thickens, her feet swells, her nose spreads among other things. What changes are taking place in you? What has changed to substantiate your spiritual growth? Is your circle of influence changing? Do people flock to you or away from you and why? Check your height and weight. How tall are you in the spirit (stature) and how much do you weigh (level of authority)?

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