Partner with God

God has given you His heart to accomplish a certain task. It is a work that He has designed and customized for you to complete. At times, the work seems overwhelming and sometimes too difficult to apprehend but you have a GRACE to not just complete the work but to finish it well. God is not depending on you to do the work, He is depending on you to partner with Him to get the job done. This is why you have been so frustrated because you have been trying to manipulate the work according to your ability but that is not the way it should be done. Receive a refreshing from the Spirit of God today and release the tension, the stress, the nervousness, and the insecurity for as you partner with Holy Spirit, you shall COMPLETE THE WORK. And not only shall you complete the work but you will have blazed a trail for generations behind you to follow therein.


Not God’s Fault

We must arrive to the mental place where we stop blaming the prophets for releasing a word which has not yet come to pass. Many times and most times, it is our CHARACTER which hinders, restricts, blocks, and ultimately aborts the prophetic fulfillment of the promises of God in our life. Rebellion and stubbornness will choke the life out of the prophetic word you received and will bury your promises quicker than you could have ever imagined. Sadly, there are many who expect the prophetic word to be fulfilled in their lives no matter what. The Word must test your character, your person, you. Either you fall in line with what God has destined for you and let the process of preparation take place or the Word falls out of alignment with you. When that happens and God forbid if it does, there is no one to blame but yourself, not the Prophet and certainly not God.


The Valley Experience

David said, “Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me.”
Ps. 23:4 ESV

Protection in the Valley is afforded to those who WALK through. It is for those who BOLDLY confront their opposition. And for those who take their time to gather a Valley Experience. There are no provisions made for those who Build in their Valleys, refusing to learn and refusing to move forward. The Valley is a temporary place, therefore don’t make permanent decisions by using bricks, use straw.


He Calls it Good

In the beginning, all that God created He called Good. Thousands of years later, He says that all things are working for our Good. Sometimes that is hard to fathom but when you look at circumstances in a spiritual view, it all works out for our Good. All things are working to Perfect and Mature us. It is working to Prepare us and Mold and Shape us that we may be conformed to our original state with Him. So the next time your supervisor gets on your nerves, it’s working for your good. When your spouse irritates you, it’s working for your good. When your church family acts up, it’s working for your good. When your children temporarily lose their little minds, it’s working for your good. When you are faced with challenge after challenge, remember that God is harvesting the fruits of His Spirit from you, o earthen vessel, and depending on how small the fruit is, He may have to dig quite deep. But if the fruit is well developed and hanging bountifully from the tree, He plucks it, keeps moving and calls it Good. But woe to the man whose fruit is situated among rocks, thorns and thistles! Whew! What a digging that will be!


This Day You Will Be With Me In Paradise

There are some of your loved ones whom you have been praying for who seem to you as if they will never heed the voice of God nor turn to Him. This has saddened you and has even caused you tremendous heartache and pain because of your desire to see them saved. You have mentioned their names on the prayer lines, in the prayer circles, and to your prayer partners. You have been waiting for them to join your church, sit on your pew and worship your God. Your soul has been disquieted from time to time because you just don’t see it. They aren’t responding to your prayers the way you expect them to.  I can see you sometimes turning away from your prayers because you don’t feel that God is hearing you. You are getting weary and frustrated and you don’t understand why God hasn’t moved yet. God told me to tell you that He has moved and He is moving. Just because it is not on your time or according to the way you thought does not mean that He is not moving. Just because your loved one is not rushing into the church on Sundays, does not mean they haven’t heard the voice of God.  Just because they haven’t changed their friends and the places they frequent does not mean they haven’t heard God. For the Lord has said that I have laid tracks in their spirit and I have sown my Word there.  I have spoken once, and I have spoken twice. In a night vision, I have spoken. In a dream of the night, I have spoken. They know their place and they know their assignment. For the Lord has said that even if they don’t turn to Me during the course of their lifetime, I will make Myself known to them on their deathbed. Yes, I will honor your prayers on their deathbed. I will tarry long with them because of your prayers. I will conduct a deathbed conversation, even moments before they breathe their last breath. Yes, I will halt the death angel and interrupt him to speak yet again. I know when to whisper and I know when to roar. I know when to drizzle and I know when to downpour in rain. I know when to whisper and I know when to shout. They will hear Me and they will respond to Me. But to water My Word in your spirit and to confirm My Word, I will share with you a story.
There was once a woman who prayed for her son. She saw him making choices in life which caused her much grief and torment. He would not hear her instructions yet I heard her prayers. She fainted not in her prayers, in fact the more dangerous a situation, the more intently she prayed. One day, her son’s carousing landed him a death sentence, but even on his fateful day, she continued to pray. I honored her prayers and I visited her son only moments before the death angel called his name. I whispered these words to the woman’s son on behalf of her prayers, “This day you shall be with me in paradise.”  Enough said.

Lions, Tigers, and Bears! Oh My!

1 Samuel 17:37,”The LORD that delivered me out of the paw of the lion, and out of the paw of the bear, he will deliver me out of the hand of this Philistine. And Saul said unto David, Go, and the LORD be with thee.”

Many times we recollect David’s slaying of Goliath, but we fail to mention what prepared David to successfully accomplish such a great feat. David had practice. He was first processed by a lion and a bear. See, many times we only tell people about the greatest obstacles we have overcome in our lives, but those seemingly less significant hindrances are just as important to share too because those are the practice rounds we had to endure to be prepared to handle the greater tests. Before he was renown, before he was to be lauded as the great victor, David first had to tackle his lions and bears. Likewise, before we can suit up and stretch out to defeat our giants, we must first take on our lions and bears.

We all have our lions and bears, even Dorothy of the Wizard of Oz! Your lions and bears could be health issues, marital problems, unemployment, etc. These are those nagging things that we must first overcome in our private ministries before we are released to public ministry. Any entertainer can perform in front of a screaming crowd where the adrenaline is racing through our veins and our reputation is at stake, but what about when no one is looking? How well do we fare when the only spectators are ants and crickets? Are we as mighty then? Are we as valiant then or do we reserve our ‘tough stuff’ exterior for when we are placed on display for the crowds?

David defeated the lions and bears. He defended the sheep he was assigned to protect. He protected his turf. He was a faithful shepherd before he became king. Are we as loyal at home as we pretend to be in front of others? Can we pass the ‘charity at home’ test which is where our first ministries are located?

Before you take on Goliath to demonstrate that you are valiant in battle, try defeating and destroying the lions and bears first. Learn the art of warfare by conquering those things which threaten the home front first then let warrior in you spill over into greater battles to be won. By the time David approached Goliath, he was already confident in his God and in his ability to win because he practiced defeating the enemy in the wild. He had already killed the lions and the bears and to him, this giant, was no different.


November Prophetic Strategies

You are making progress. You are advancing. You are striving for the mastery and you are defeating the odds. You have had some challenges and some major setbacks, but you have tapped into the grace of God’s strength upon your life and you are overcoming hurtles and obstacles with might and stamina. You are in a new place now. Old things have passed away and all things have become new. Your warfare is different. Skills, strategies and techniques you have used in the previous season won’t necessarily accommodate you in the current season. You are in a new day and a new time. You are literally postured in a place wherein many have and are dying. This is a peculiar place. It feels unusual, has an eerie loud quietness to it, and will take some getting used to. You have entered into the first level of a new dimension; an unfamiliar place.
Your name is changing. The dynamics of who you are as a believer are changing. You will never be the same again. Your prayer language is changing as well. You are learning to listen more than speak. You are more aware of your surroundings than ever before. You are observing your circle and making adjustments as necessary. You are not responding to what you used to nor how you used to. This is a new day for you. All things are changing.
You are learning to trust in the Lord like you never have before. Your faith is thrusting and stretching you. You are believing God in areas where before your faith could never reach nor fathom. You are a water walker now, a mountain mover, and a giant slayer. This is a new day custom fitted with new challenges and new opportunities for God to prove Himself on your behalf.
You have been taken advantage of in the previous season but not for nought. There were lessons to be learned, things to see and things to over hear. What you experienced in the past season were vital in preparing you for the now. Don’t look at those experiences with disdain or disgust, it was an integral part of  your developmental process. If you have not already began to appreciate that time in this season, you will soon will.
A tremendous reward is coming your way. The enemy will bring tokens of restitution and the Lord will bring tokens of restoration. You will be doubly compensated for the pain endured in the past season. Prepare for the increase. Make room in the Inn and repair your fish nets. A handsome breakthrough of deliverance is nigh you. Begin to discipline your spirit now for an unrestricted praise to the God of your salvation for faithful is He that promised.

Spiritually Beheading Goliath

I Samuel 17:45-46, “Then David said to the Philistine, “You come to me with a sword, with a spear, and with a javelin. But I come to you in the name of the LORD of hosts, the God of the armies of Israel, whom you have defied. This day the LORD will deliver you into my hand, and I will strike you and take your head from you. And this day I will give the carcasses of the camp of the Philistines to the birds of the air and the wild beasts of the earth, that all the earth may know that there is a God in Israel.”

Father, we bless You today that no weapon the enemy uses against us shall prosper. There shall be no sword, spear, nor javelin able to overcome us. But, on the contrary, our enemies shall be delivered into our hands, we shall behead them with the Sword of the Spirit. We shall strip them of their powers and of their strength and we shall proclaim in the earth realm that our God is God and besides Him, there is NONE other.