The Finished Work of the Cross

Jesus rose on the Third Day to give us back the authority we had given to the enemy. Some of us have made the work of the Cross of non effect in our lives by continually yielding to a force which is supposed to be subservient to us. I don’t know about you but the work Jesus did on the Cross on my behalf remains a FINISHED WORK! It was NOT IN VAIN because in my life, the BLOOD STILL HAS REDEEMING POWER.


The Greater Works Generation of Believers

Therefore whenever the Holy Spirit of God is grieved within us concerning a matter, person or place, we are to partner with Holy Spirit by using our earth bodies (dirt suits) to manifest the works of the Lord Jesus Christ and roam the earth through prayer to enact legislation through effective and strategic prayer to bring the change Holy Spirit is revealing which needs to take place. It’s all Jesus which is why man can never take credit for what God has done, is doing, or will do through us. These are the greater works and we are the GREATER WORKS GENERATION OF BELIEVERS.

Return to the Edenic Statehood

The authority Jesus gave us is DOMINION, which means SUPREME AUTHORITY. Our positions as believers authorizes us to make CHANGES AND AMENDMENTS in the earth realm to cause all matters to realign with that of the Word of God. We don’t bow to earthly systems, rather we use our governmental authority as kings unto God to legislate earth systems and force (violently through agitated prayer if need be) them to come back into alignment as an Edenic statehood. We don’t wait for Heaven with a blissful hope, we MANIFEST HEAVEN ON EARTH BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY.

Face Your Stuff

Your trials come to teach you patience. God uses them to teach you how to endure. This does not mean that you become a push over and let people treat you any kind of way but it means that you will stand through the storm and face whatever opposition that may come your way with a brazen determination and a stubborn faith that is unrelenting and unwavering because you know your God is God and besides Him, there is none else. Be encouraged today and know that God is working it for your good.

Revoke the Enemy’s Assignment

Each agenda the enemy has planned for my life has been disallowed. Every good thing the devil took has been replaced seven times. Every obstacle placed in my path to cause me to stumble has been removed and every evil spirit maneuvering in my direction sent on a diabolical assignment to harass and detain me has been redirected to dry places in the Majestic and Demon Trembling name of the Lord Jesus Christ.

Pruning Time!

Those whom God loves, He chastens. He is not coming into your bedroom with a black, leather belt in His Hand, but He will bring correction through His Word. I find it very unfortunate for the believer who runs at the entrance of God’s word which brings light to darkened areas of their character. I also find it quite disturbing that many pathetic prophetic people have made mockery of true prophets and have so spoiled the people by soothsaying that when a sincere and genuine Word of correction is released, the infamous phrase, “They are preaching on me” resounds in the atmosphere. Let me help you with something. God is not interested in ‘blowing up’ anyone who won’t ‘grow up’. Further, you CANNOT be a true son or daughter of God or any spiritual leader for that fact if you cannot endure correction. Saul was anointed. Saul was called to leadership. But Saul had character problems which ran all across the board from mental, demonic, emotional, to spiritual. His problems caused major problems for his sons and grandsons. If folk can stop being so rebellious and resentful for a millisecond and let God whip their abrasive personality, perhaps we can see generations upon generations of our people saved versus seeing our family names being cut off the earth. While you are trying to preserve your feelings, God is trying to preserve your family line therefore He will deal with the ISSUE that may cause your line to be erased from the earth. Granted, there are some leaders who may abuse their authority and you may have to pack your bags and go where GOD SENDS YOU, but for the many men and women of God who have not bowed their knees to Baal, it behooves you and your descendants to pay attention to the Word when God is dealing with you. Not everything preached is going to make you scream and shout, you may fall on the floor in fetal position and cry like a newborn baby. Whatever the case may be, you had sure better know the voice of your Father when He is chastising you and SUBMIT YOURSELF. Because who can deliver from the Hands of Angry God? Not a living soul. Say, Ouch, if it hurts, but let God prune you so you can grow into a fruitful vine.

Uniformity of False Teachers

All false teachers have exactly one thing in common, they will tell you what you want to hear. The spirit of a false teacher has been around for millions of years. A false teacher will push his agenda on to you. He will preach in your churches, sell you his books and tapes, offer his waters and oils and seduce you into their damnable heresies. They look like the right thing. They wear the right suits, they know the latest spiritual cliches but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will never allow you close to them to where you can closely inspect their lives on a personal level. They will preach to you what they themselves cannot and will not live. Many are using the title of Dr. (not all) to not hold themselves to biblical positions but are subscribing to the works of the five fold under their own guise. They will seduce you into thinking they have ARRIVED. They have made it and will lure you into believing that they have something to offer you based on where they supposedly are. Don’t be deceived. Jesus did not come in sparkling packages. He still doesn’t. He never appeals to your flesh. If you are a sincere believer, ask God to SHOW YOU a man’s spirit. My daily prayer is, Lord, never let me be deceived. You need to know whose table you are eating from. You need to know if a false teacher is in your midst.