Emergency Responder

The moment Paul laid wood on the fire to warm those rescued from the wreckage, a viper attacked him. Many of you are wondering why you are being attacked by vipers. It’s because you are apart of God’s EMT. He knows that you are an EMERGENCY RESPONDER, one who will place their life on the line for the safety of another. What the viper which bit Paul did not realize as he suspended himself from Paul’s hand was that he didn’t just bite a man, but he sank his fangs into a Lion and being the King that He is, He simply shook that viper back into the fire where belonged without infection nor reaction. You may be under viper attack right now but his fangs have been hollowed out by the Spirit of God. So what should have killed you or destroyed you only intensified your assignment and increased your faith. Tsk. Tsk, devil. For real?

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