Watchmen Know their Region

I will never forget something my spiritual dad shared with me and Apostle. He said, “Your report card as a Watchman will be the evening news.” In other words, he was saying that what we have allowed in our cities to run rampant will be evidenced by what’s on the news. Every Watchman should have intimate knowledge of what is taking place in their region. We can’t just bury ourselves in our problems or in our church and call ourselves Watchmen and Gatekeepers. You need to know what is taking place in your area, who’s moving and why, what they want and where they are going. Further, you don’t have to publicize that you are a Watchman or Gatekeeper, as long as the devil knows it and Jesus is backing you up, that is all the publicity you need.

1 thought on “Watchmen Know their Region”

  1. Amen!!! And where I work allows me to know what strongholds are operating in specific areas!! Calls were so bad one night at work; I publicly asked if anyone in my county was praying!! -MDR


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