Behold the Sign and Wonder

There are still people searching and looking for a sign or a wonder. They are searching for gold dust, angelic appearances, money falling from the sky, rainbows with a pot of gold at the end, donkeys talking and roosters crowing but they fail to realize that the greatest sign and wonder lies in the mercy of God being renewed each morning. For He YET gently wakes up His disobedient children and gives them another opportunity to return to Him. He YET sends them a word of encouragement or warning. He YET calls the name of the backslider. He YET desires to save broken marriages. He YET heals and delivers even when folk forget to not just SAY THANK YOU, but won’t LIVE A THANK YOU. The fact that you are still here today is a SIGN AND WONDER. The fact that God has not removed some our CANDLESTICKS because of our foolishness IN THE HOUSE OF GOD is a SIGN AND WONDER. So the next time you are following God for a sign, look in the mirror, YOU ARE IT.

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