Climate Adjuster

You are a Climate Adjuster. It is high time for you to stop running when the atmosphere is not right and begin to take your place as a son of God and demand the change. You have the key to the locked thermostat, Jesus gave it to you over 2 thousand years ago. Stop looking for someone else to set the temperature for you to praise and for you to worship and use your key to unlock the box and set the environment for yourself. Some people are comfortable praising God in the cold. Their love is cold. Their giving is iced and their fellowship is frozen. Others are content praising God in a lukewarm environment. They don’t mind accepting A WHATEVER, but you child of God, are a Climate Adjuster. You are supposed to set the temperature of praise so hot that devils run out of your presence fearing something something hotter than hell is on their tail. You are supposed to set the atmosphere so hot that doubt and unbelief has to INCINERATE, being burned up with the fire of God. Forget the dragon, out of your mouth the FIRES SHOULD BLAZE. Your testimony should catch on fire. Your song of praise should catch on fire. In fact, you are such a Climate Adjuster that if anyone comes in contact with you, they will start to sweat. The Climate Adjusters are rising. Stop hiding behind the pews and open your mouth and let the fire that is burning in your belly SET THE HOUSE ON FIRE.

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