Diet is Changing

The older you get, the more your taste for certain foods begin to change. For some, a complete diet change may be the order of maintaining a healthier lifestyle as aging bodies experience certain physiological changes. But this is not merely limited to natural dieting, there comes a time of maturity in the believer’s life when they cannot and will not digest junk food. Things they used to tolerate in former seasons now become obsolete. I find that certain authors I would glean from are now spiritually rocking me to sleep. I find myself disinterested when years ago, I would swallow the material whole. So as spiritual leaders, we must always keep our minds renewed. As a chef learns the culinary arts, they study which spices and herbs combine to produce the most savory taste. This applies in the realm of revelation and knowledge as well. We don’t want to hear the same dull, bland and boring message you preached 50 years ago. We are on a whole new level now of warfare so we need to box up the bow and arrow and the slingshot and pull out the heavy artillery. If you have to attend a conference to be updated, please do so. If you need a new spiritual library, please invest. If you need a new mentor, please petition the Lord. But we need relevant and rhema word in the pulpit or we are doomed and our successors won’t stand a chance.

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