Get Rid of the Fever

Apostle Simon Peter may have had many flesh issues. He may have been impulsive, presumptuous, hasty, violent, mouthy, and fearful but one thing he did that many of us yet toil with is that he introduced Jesus to his ailing mother in law. We don’t know the closeness or lack thereof that he shared with his mother in law but he cared enough for her to petition the Lord Jesus to come and see about her. She lay bed stricken with the Fever which on many occasions during his time preceded death but Peter saw an opportunity for redemption and restoration and he took full advantage of his INTIMACY WITH JESUS to invite Him to his mother in law’s side as she lay upon her bed of affliction.

What about you? What in your house is dying from FEVER? What is making up its death bed in your house? Who or what is it that needs a bed side visit from the Lord Jesus? Many of us are so filled with pride that we would rather let certain situations DIE than to invite Jesus in. Many of us lack the genuine authentic relationship it takes to receive an answered prayer. I declare to you that the Lord is concerned about the FEVER in your house but He is not going to BREAK AND ENTER just to bring healing and salvation. He must be INVITED IN. He must be an HONORED GUEST in your home. Whether you like the folks in your house is irrelevant, they still deserve an opportunity to meet Jesus. They still deserve an opportunity to receive healing and salvation. Sometimes we must set our own personal prejudices aside for the sake of saving someone’s life. Peter did. And not only did the Lord heal his mother in law, but that same compassion Peter showed for his mother in law, was returned to him WHEN HE SUFFERED SPIRITUAL FEVER.


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