Introducing My Overseer, Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins

FB family and friends, we are living in the age prophet Daniel spoke about in terms of the increasing of knowledge. The spirit of God is stirring up scribal prophets and apostles at an unprecedented rate. Heaven’s gate of revelation has opened its mouth wide over many of the elect who were chosen before the foundation of the world to partner with God as conduits to release vital information to the Body of Christ. As a self proclaimed bible scholar, I have accumulated a vast spiritual library chock full of the Word of God which I consume upon daily. This is not the season to walk around being ignorant of satan’s devices. This is the day and age where the people of God must be equipped and strapped with the power of God through the comprehension of His Word like never before.

I want to highly recommend to you my apostle, Ivory L. Hopkins, whom AMONG MANY OTHER FOREFRONT APOSTLES, are shredding demonic strongholds by the revelatory preaching and teaching of the Word of God. His grace is the strongest in the area of deliverance. Many of us have been battling strongholds emerging from addictions, rape, molestation, abuse, abandonment, rejection, divorce, death of loved ones, and attacks from satanic agents sent to harass and torment in the flesh and in the spirit realm. Yes, there are many notable and highly anointed deliverance authors and I have several of their books as well, but I can only attest to that whom I know personally is a living sacrifice to carry this message around the country. I want you to strongly consider joining his Tape of the Month Club. For only $25 per month, you will receive 5 CDs and 1 DVD of his most recent messages. You may also visit his online catalog and request certain material. When I tell you that my life has been revolutionized by his anointed teachings, it truly has. God has also used him on many occasions to break demonic strongholds off of my life ranging from issues from being improperly released in ministry, rejection, breaking evil soul ties and so much more. He has a thrust for leaders as well, tearing down spirits that cause many of us burnout, loss of zeal, and compromise in ministry. His books are only $5 and his CDs and DVDs are only $10 if you order them separately but I can’t stress to you how vitally important it is to obtain the material you need to bring deliverance to your life or to those whom you are praying for. Knowledge is power, therefore I urge you to visit http://www.pilgrimsministry.com today. And do me a favor as you visit, drop him a note and tell him that his spiritual daughter, Prophetess Lindsey sent you because she believes in the ministry in which God has given him and she wants to see God’s people set free on a wider and more broader scale. Grace and peace to you.
Pilgrims’ Ministry of Deliverance
Pilgrims Ministry

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