Let Us Pray

As prophets, prayer is as natural to us as water is to a fish. I recall an instance last evening when I entered the sanctuary and with one clear cut agenda, headed directly to the front of the church to usher the people of God in to a place of prayer.

Anyone can preach. Anybody can run to the pulpit with a word, but where are the prophets who are rallying the people around prayer? I am afraid of a non praying church, for that lets me know that flesh is on parade. I am afraid of a prayerless preacher for that lets me know that he/she is preaching out of their human experience. You can’t possibly have the mind of Christ without bathing your spirit in prayer and supplication. You need the rhema revelation which is released from a time in prayer. “Men ought to always pray”. Let us call the church back to our knees. Let us send up intercession on behalf of the hospitalized, the imprisoned, the needy, the backsliders and spiritual leaders. And let us not be afraid to stop the show from time to time and say, Hey, let’s petition the mind of Christ, Let us pray.

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