Major Seat Reassignment

I was a bus rider for the most part of my early education. I remember the first days of school when we would be allowed to sit with our friends or family members during our ride to school but when we became too rowdy and noisy the bus driver would assign our seats instead of allowing us to choose them for ourselves. Many of us would grunt and murmur in discontent with our newly assigned seats. We would fuss the bus driver out under our breath and still try to communicate with our displaced friends from the assigned distance. A short while later though, new relationships would emerge with the assigned person on our seat. We would discover things of interest and soon the former person assigned to our seat was not only displaced but now replaced with a new companion.

Someone today has been used to a certain thing with a certain someone. You were in your comfort zone and you settled in that place really well. But the Spirit of God is Reassigning Your Seat. You are about to be introduced to something and someone new. You were becoming complacent and ordinary and God said there is nothing ordinary about you. I created you for out of the box experiences and you have become glued to your right now experience. I am Reassigning Your Seat. I am removing you from those who offers you no opportunities for growth by keeping you locked down to what is familiar. I am reassigning you to another seat. I have to move you into what is greater and more becoming as the extraordinary person I have created you to be. You won’t like it at first, in fact you may even throw a tantrum, but after while, dear one, you will see My Hand of Direction and Guidance moving in your life like never before. You may miss the old seat companion, but you need to step out into the new thing I have created for you. I have greater doors and opportunities for you but My Child, I first must Reassign Your Seat so that instead of just making noise with idle chatter, you can now begin to produce a Sound.

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