Obey God All the Way

Real Talk: The Church was birthed through a scar in Jesus’ side. So was the woman brought forth of the man from a scar in his side. I was meditating on a situation a beloved friend of mine is facing and I entered into prayer. The Lord began to reveal the inabilities of man to sometimes understand the sufferings, sacrifices and scars their spiritual leaders have had to endure to prepare them for spiritual parenting. Now we know that folk are popping up everywhere screaming that they are overseers or coverings and I won’t waste my time addressing that but in terms of those who have truly paid the price to achieve parental status in spiritual leadership, there seems to be an inability for their mentees to comprehend how important it is for them to financially undergird their leaders. I have a select few whom I fill my inner circle with and across the board we are seeing a pattern where sons and daughters are pulling for mantles, assignments, churches, acceptance and recognition but when it is time to sow in the natural, they seem to draw back. Jesus never had to worry where his next meal would come from. He never worried about how the bills were paid or where He would lay his head. His disciples had that covered. The sons of the prophets cared for their spiritual father. They cooked for him, tended to him and even ministered for him. Paul had companies of churches established in every city whom would house him, feed him and engage in ministry work with him. At times he would pursue his natural talent to provide for himself but the burden of such trivial matters were to never be a comparison to the work wherein he was called. I have been asking God what is this? What is this crisis in the Kingdom where spiritual sons and daughters are withdrawing their hands from their leaders? This may not apply to every one and this is certainly not an appeal for money but what happened to honoring those who labor among you? What happened to providing a hot meal, articles of clothing, a vehicle, or travel seed to help further the work? I know there are some jackals out here running around like its open season but we should be mature by now to recognize which ground is fertile and which is barren. Some folk are here today, gone tomorrow. I am not talking about that. I am talking about those who are constantly laboring in the word, in prayer, and in deed. I’m talking about those hosting weekly prayer lines so those of you whose leaders don’t have time for you or if you are too embarrassed to stand in the prayer line at your local church, you can still get prayer. I know the prayer lines are free, but have you considered that person’s time? Have you considered the sacrifice they made to spend 1-2 hrs praying and teaching on the line while their family is on the other side of the locked door waiting for them to get off so you can get free? Are we really that stubborn, selfish and blind? Is is really going to bankrupt us to sow a $5-25 seed, depending on what the Spirit leads you too? It amazes me how we can be so spiritual when it comes to prophesying, dreaming and envisioning but when we need to hear the voice of God to bless the one who is laboring for us, we turn a deaf ear. We had better learn to appreciate those whom God has sent to be a blessing in our lives. And let us not love that almighty dollar so much that it chokes our salvation. As a disclaimer, I do not have a prayer line because God has not called me in that area. Neither has anyone asked me to write this note to appeal for money. The Spirit of God has stirred me to suggest to the people of God that we reconsider how we honor those who are truly laboring among us. All I am saying is just obey God ALL THE WAY.

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