The Breeze of God Upon His Apostles and Prophets

And I hear the Wind of God blow in the direction of His prophets and apostles. I am breathing upon you afresh. Many of you are weary, you were weak and worn. Yes, you have just a little strength. Some of you have tried to throw in the towel and walk away. You have been abused and misused. You have been rejected and despised for speaking WHOLESOME truth. Know that the day of your compensation shall surely come. Know that I have not forsaken you. Be strong. Be courageous and I will yet strengthen the works of your hands. Know that I am your redeemer, you provider, your waymaker and your God. I have you graven on walls of my Hands. I will uphold you with my Right Hand. I will bring peace to your storm. I will strengthen that which remains. Though many have robbed you, I will yet deliver you. You have experienced first hand the ungrateful spirit of the nine lepers but I will reward you. You are my chosen and elect vessel of this hour. I have fashioned you for this and what I have placed within you will not be denied. I will undergird you with my Spirit and with my Breath and I will sustain you in the day of fatigue. I will quench every thirst and fill every hunger pang for I am your God, and I have called you. I have purposed you and you are my beloved.

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