Uniformity of False Teachers

All false teachers have exactly one thing in common, they will tell you what you want to hear. The spirit of a false teacher has been around for millions of years. A false teacher will push his agenda on to you. He will preach in your churches, sell you his books and tapes, offer his waters and oils and seduce you into their damnable heresies. They look like the right thing. They wear the right suits, they know the latest spiritual cliches but they are wolves in sheep’s clothing. They will never allow you close to them to where you can closely inspect their lives on a personal level. They will preach to you what they themselves cannot and will not live. Many are using the title of Dr. (not all) to not hold themselves to biblical positions but are subscribing to the works of the five fold under their own guise. They will seduce you into thinking they have ARRIVED. They have made it and will lure you into believing that they have something to offer you based on where they supposedly are. Don’t be deceived. Jesus did not come in sparkling packages. He still doesn’t. He never appeals to your flesh. If you are a sincere believer, ask God to SHOW YOU a man’s spirit. My daily prayer is, Lord, never let me be deceived. You need to know whose table you are eating from. You need to know if a false teacher is in your midst.

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