Broken Hedge

When the hedge (barrier of protection) is broken, the serpent will bite (penetrate). It’s up to you to abide within the parameters of safety. It’s up to you to abide under the shadow of the Almighty. It’s up to you to dwell in the House of the Lord. It’s up to you to run and not be weary or to not utterly faint and fall. Today, you have a choice to make. Your pastor cannot make that decision for you. Either you are going to remain in the CENTER of God’s will or you are going to breach the hedge and give the enemy ACCESS TO YOUR LIFE. Your actions today will determine the course of THREE WORLDS as it pertains to you, Heaven, Earth, and Hell. Either Hell is under your feet and you have partnered with God to bring Heaven on Earth, or you have rejected God, partnered with His arch enemy and put Heaven under your feet and are living Hell on Earth. There is nothing in between, it’s either one or the other.


Be Wise Financial Stewards

You can tell folk who aren’t use to having money because the moment they receive their tax refund, insurance settlement, or lottery winnings, they wear it. Just because you have a few thousand dollars in your pocket, does not give you a license to spend like a fool. Why you would put a down payment on a car to have it repossessed 3 months later when the refund runs out? Further, why finance a car when you don’t have a job? Pray for favor to buy a car for cash. I know that this time of year can be a blessing for many, but why would you wait all year long for a few grands and blow it in a matter of weeks on clothes, cars, and foolishness? Be a wise steward. Invest in your business. Purchase a decent computer and turn in the rented one. Invest in books or courses to help further your dream or vision. Sow your seed well and you will eat well, eat your seed now and you will starve later. Ask God to deliver you from overspending and from making foolish financial decisions. Buy your children’s school clothes for next year and store it in the attic. And for goodness sake, bless the Lord with your giving because when your money runs out, so will your joy and you will be getting on God’s nerves about the bills YOU CREATED that needs to paid. And PLEASE, pay the people back who you borrowed money from. Do things right and right will follow you. Be wise people of God and quit trying to act rich for 2 months when you have a poor mindset. Ask God to help you.

Justifiable Bondage?

Justifiable Bondage: When you make statements or even use scripture out of context to ‘justify’ your issue (taken from Apostle Ivory L. Hopkins). In other words, why put lipstick on a pig. A pig with pearls, lipstick and a Gucci bag is still a pig. We need to stop covering up our issues and filth with cute little catchy sayings (that’s just the way I am) and pull the cards out, lay them on the table and let God DEAL with us. We don’t need to a SHUFFLED DECK, we need to be a CUT DECK so that we can be a ROYAL FLUSH for Jesus!

Get Up and Go!

When you start getting comfortable in the spiritual place you are in and become fat off the word because you are only hearing it and not practicing it, there will come a challenge in your life to stir up what the Lord has invested in you. God didn’t save you to spoil you, He saved you to be a vessel by which you can lead somebody else to Him. What good are you sitting down and being idle? Go and tell somebody about Jesus!

God’s Protective Custody

Jesus didn’t just save you to escape Hell, He saved you to ensure you didn’t miss Heaven. Think about it and start shouting. He prepared a place for you and the devil doesn’t even know the address so you don’t ever have to wonder about him finding you while you are in the presence of God. You will be in God’s Protective Custody!

Growth Requires Change

Growth requires change, therefore in order to mature in a thing, one must make certain adjustments. You can always find those who are reluctant to change for they are the ones who liked it just the way that it was. The growing process requires a shedding of the old and the donning of that which is new. A stubborn and selfish person will never be a candidate for growth because they are too resistant to change.

Cloven Tongues

This tongue of ours is a force to be reckoned with. Job said that the words of his friends were tormenting and crushing (Job 19:2). Everyday stress can cause even the most spiritual person to say something crazy out of their mouths. When we are frustrated, we end up saying things that we don’t mean to say that may do devastating damage to our friends and loved ones. Taming our tongues is a tedious task which can only be overcome by submitting DAILY to Holy Spirit to teach us how to speak to one another, even in heated fellowship, without destroying the other. Is it no wonder the first outward sign of the baptism of Holy Spirit was a fiery cloven tongue (Acts 2:3) (tongues of fire which separates)?

Favor with God and Man

You have been wondering if people are going to like you. The question is not whether people will like you or not. The question is, Do you like yourself? If you are confident with who you are whose you are, then there is no question about will the people like you or not. The question becomes, WHEN will the people like me? You have favor with God AND MAN! Begin to act like it and watch how MAN will respond to it.

Been There, Done That

Pressure builds character and its always people who will put the pressure on you. In times like those, remember that no matter how heavy the pressure, God is going to use it to His Glory. He is going to mold you through that pressure and make you through that pressure. As difficult as it may seem, the person causing the pressure is actually a vessel of God (saved or unsaved), they are God’s set person to help push you to the place called, BEEN THERE, DONE THAT, NEXT.