The Assignment Requires A Process

Depending on what your assignment is, you may have to stand in some very hard places before you get there. Remember Joseph stood in the pit, the place of accusation (Potiphar’s wife), the prison, and then was promoted to the palace. What makes you think God is in a hurry and is desperate to promote such a one who can not endure such important mile markers in personality development. NEWSFLASH: God ALWAYS has someone who is willing to go for Him. There are thousands upon thousands of willing believers who will run for Jesus the moment they are passed the baton.

Certain assignments require PROCESSING. We have heard it a zillion times but I think some of us still have a hard time comprehending the fact that just because God CAN use anybody, doesn’t mean that He has to. There are folks are who are waiting in the caves (prisons, bad relationships, other religions, and flesh parading churches) who are waiting for a simple command word, GO.

Jesus chose 12 men who were engaged in INDUSTRY. They were business minded, they were family oriented, they were ACTIVE in their communities, they were men whom He knew would be faithful to carry the work He would assign them (even though one was a devil, God gives us all a chance, it’s our fault if we blow it). The Lord Jesus bypassed those in the long flowing robes who were standing around postured for no apparent reason. He ignored those with the long, loud, ridiculous prayers and acts to draw attention. He did not WASTE HIS PRECIOUS TIME WITH RELIGIOUS FOLK who talked about everything and did NOTHING. Rather, He chose those whom would forsake all to follow Him. They forsook their agendas and adopted God’s agenda. Those men and women were faithful to the death while some of us can’t be faithful to God from Sunday to Sunday.

Do yourself a favor, don’t ask God for an assignment if you are unwilling to be processed. Don’t get on His nerves with praying nonsense prayers about when it’s going to be your turn. God is wise beyond all of our wisdom put together and He knows when to come for you with an assignment. And when He calls you on assignment, get ready to go through hell and high water because trust me, you will face opposition every where you turn. You just need to remember though, that IF YOU ARE TRULY CALLED, Greater is He that is within you than he that is in the world, and you will come out of your process just fine. (maybe a little bruised and a few friends? short, but you will emerge.)

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