He Ordained Peace

My spirit had been troubled for the most part of the day. I shared it with one of my spiritual daughters at her salon and I explained to her that something is just not right. I told her that I don’t know what it is but something is upsetting my inner man and I am feeling disturbed. I prayed all day long asking God what was going wrong in the spirit realm. I wanted to know what was it that had my inner man uptight. Hours later, the answer came. I received some very unsettling news concerning a certain individual that pulled me into the center of their controversy. I knew at once then, what the Holy Spirit was pulling on me about. It was because I was in a place of all day prayer that I did not panic. It was because Holy Spirit alerted my spirit man that something was very wrong and instructed me to stay in a place of prayer that I did not overreact. People of God, I cannot proclaim to you enough the importance of being sensitive to Holy Spirit. He is not here to just make you feel good and give you goose bumps, He will lead and guide you into all truth.

The Lord told me to get still before Him so He could impart peace into my spirit. It seemed as if at that point the enemy launched an ANTI-PEACE MISSILE!! But yet I persisted to remain calm and lay before the Lord. When I obeyed and laid before the Lord, I fell into a sleep. In the spirit realm, I was entertained by angels who came and sung to me. I could feel my inner man being strengthened to the point where I could sing along with the angels. We worshipped our God together for what seemed like forever. I honestly did not want to leave that place of serenity, stillness and blissfulness. When I awoke, I could still faintly hear the angels singing ( I really wish I could remember what that song was, it was beautiful!). God transported me in my dream to His Throne Room of Peace. (In My Father’s House are many mansions (rooms), if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you that where I am, there you may be also.)

I have shared this transparent moment with you to let you know that God cares about your every situation and He has given us His Spirit to keep our minds in PERFECT PEACE even in the midst of a storm. He is a keeper when all evil is surrounding you to cause you to suffer a nervous breakdown, God will keep you IF you will submit to Holy Spirit. I pray my experience has encouraged you and will help you in the times to come. My situation is in God’s well capable Hands and I have a peace in knowing that my God does all things well.

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