Spectators at Lazarus’ Tomb

There were many spectators gathered at Lazarus’ tomb. They had heard of the Jesus of Nazareth whom Mary and Martha frequently entertained and they knew that Jesus and Lazarus were friends. No doubt they heard that the sisters of Bethany expected Jesus to show up and show out, so they lingered even among the sincere mourners, feigning to be in mourning so they could have a personal and upfront view of what was going on.

Dear one, there are those who are watching your life even now. They see that you are in a crisis and they are waiting to see how the story is going to end. They have gathered by lawn chairs and recliner chairs to sit this thing out to see if your God REALLY is the God whom you claim to serve. They have orderd their popcorn, soda pop, and box of candy and are watching your life like its a motion picture in its climax. “Will God deliver them?”, they speculate. “Will they come out of this?”, they wonder. And you were thinking the whole while that they were there to ‘pray you through, when in fact they were there to ‘PREY you through’.

I have news from on high today that serves notice to those who are on standby. There is a report being released today in your favor, that the God you serve is GOING TO SHOW UP. The only reason He has delayed His coming is to afford your PAPARRAZI the chance to have a change of heart. He wants to see if they would put down their feigned mourning and join you in prayer FOR REAL. He has been waiting on them, not you, before He makes His triumphal entry into your circumstance because once He arrives, the condition and defilement of their heart will indict them.

So, take confidence in knowing that this delay in your deliverance is not nearly about you as much as it is about those connected to you. It’s not you who has caused a delay, it’s those whom the Lord yet loves and is allowing chance for them to repent. Order your party invites, set your banquet budget because you, dear one, are in for a sho-nuff time of rejoicing. He will come and He will deliver, you just stand still and see His salvation.

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