You are not Road Kill

Satan wants you to feel humiliated and ashamed when you fail certain tests. Although Godly sorrow leads to repentance, don’t ever feel condemned. If you make a mistake, pick yourself back up and go stronger. What is the use of wallowing in the mud pit that your own circumstance created? Walk in your dignity. Hold your head up, broaden your shoulders and let the devil know that I AM SOMEBODY. God is not leaving you on the side of the road for the buzzards. You are not ROAD KILL. You were made in the image of Almighty God. Get your life back. Get your joy back and quit blaming the devil for stuff YOU DID. Own up to your mess; that is the first step to OVERCOMING IT. You have to see it for what it really is and DEAL WITH IT. Yes, you fell. Yes, you made a mistake. But WHO HASN’T? Get back in the race. Get back in your place and CLEAVE UNTO THE LORD LIKE IT COSTS YOU YOUR LIFE. He paid the price for your REDEMPTION and HIS LABOR OF LOVE FOR YOU WAS…. NOT…. IN ….. VAIN!

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