Know Who Labors Among You

Mature and seasoned prophets carry such a strong gift of discerning of spirits that they would literally frighten you if they were to tell you all that had been revealed about a person. This is where character cultivation comes into play. You must walk with such integrity that no one around you knows that you can see or hear directly through the words they speak. If you were to reveal all that the Lord has shown you, you may be banished like John to an island by yourself! Jesus knew what was in the very heart of Judas. In fact, when He chose him, mentored him, appointed him, and assigned him over certain duties and tasks, He knew all along what was in Judas’ heart toward Him and the others. It wasn’t until the proper timing was set that Jesus revealed all that was within Judas’ heart. He told him that he was a betrayer and told him to do quickly the thing he intended to do. How else could our Lord have known what Judas’ intentions were had He not seen or heard through his spirit. Every spiritual leader knows what it is in the heart of his/her people. They know who is laboring among them. They know who are keepers of the vision and who are merely waiting the next boat off the island. They know this because a certain grace comes along with leadership that provides intimate spiritual details about those they cover. The sometimes difficult task of that leader is to yet mentor, yet cover, yet love, yet pray for and yet stand faithful with them even while knowing the full intent of their heart. Jesus was not shocked nor surprised when certain deeds began to manifest because He knew what was in the heart of man all along. That is a painful journey of a leader, to know the outcome but to yet press a little further in spite of.


Judge Prophecy

Lastly, every prophetic word released to you has the right to be checked (judged, weighed, considered from different angles). Don’t ever be quick to accept a word if you feel something is off in the person’s spirit. Prophets are not exempt from being demonized. We are not exempt from being soulish or carnal. It is the prophet’s sole responsibility to guard their own spiritual gates, therefore if you feel a weirdness behind the spirit of the word they are releasing, you can let that person know that you are going to have that word judged. A true prophet will never be fearful of having their word checked by another prophet. This is your life and you deserve to make sure that the person speaking into your life is speaking a good word and not something from the soulish realm. Have the word judged by someone who knows absolutely nothing of the matter at hand. Have the word judged by someone walking hard after the Lord with nothing to prove. You don’t have to mention names, but you can rehearse that word and ask them to check their prophetic spirit to see what the true source of that word is. 2 Corinthians 14:29, “Two or three people should speak what God has revealed. Everyone else should decide whether what each person said is right or wrong.” GWT

Prophets are Builders

Prophets in conjunction with apostles are builders. We don’t humiliate or intimidate others. We are exhorters, edifiers, encouragers, equippers, and comforters. Our prophetic mood should represent that of Jesus Christ, the spirit of prophecy. Our ministries are that of healing wounded and damaged emotions, binding up that which is broken, speaking life in dead places, and cleansing lepers. We don’t dig ditches for people to fall into. We don’t prophesy death, we don’t kill, we don’t murder, but we bring alive. Our ministries are that of resurrection. Barnabas was called the Son of Consolation. He spoke words of healing and life. If our ministries of prophetic people aren’t healing, raising, deliverance, cleansing, reconciliation, restoration, and resurrection then we need to check our power sources. Jesus said I come that you may have life and that more abundantly. Prophecy is the spirit of the Lord Jesus, therefore if every prophetic word we release has hell, death, and damnation saturating it, we need to strongly consider whose prophet we are. Holy prophets of God ALWAYS TURN THE PEOPLE TO GOD, NEVER TO RUN THEM AWAY FROM HIM.

Certain Lonely Times for Prophets

As a prophet, your walk may be lonely at times. But that shouldn’t make you weird or spooky. It means that there are certain things that you cannot involve yourself in no matter who escorts it to you. There are conversations you must exit from. There are some people you must withdraw from for a season. It doesn’t make you better, just consecrated and set apart for the Lord’s use. If you are always in the crowd and apart of everything, how can your ear differentiate between the voice of the Lord and the voice of strangers. Sanctify your ear gate and let everyone know who carries trash cans between their teeth that your spirit is not the neighborhood dump site. Keep it Kingdom or keep it moving.

Prophets of Integrity

One of the predominant personality traits of a prophet is that of INTEGRITY. Can God trust you with HIS GIFT or HIS OFFICE? Can He tell you secrets that YOU DON’T SHARE? Can He trust you to INFLUENCE OTHERS FOR HIM? Can He rely on you to TURN THE HEARTS OF THE SONS BACK TO THE FATHERS? As prophets or prophetic people, you may sometimes be privy to very personal information and the Lord will test you to see whether you WILL PRAY ABOUT IT or GOSSIP ABOUT IT. Did you come forth as pure gold or are you just gold plated?

Pray About It and Move On

Sometimes as a prophet, God will require you to intercede and hedge those whom you may not particularly care for. He may require you to speak blessings over those whom have cursed you. Such was Jonah’s prophetic assignment; prophecy to your enemy, Ninevah. We have to guard our hearts so carefully because just because they are your enemy, does not make them any less a child of God. You may never know the destiny locked within a person who is in bondage. (Remember Paul was a chief apostle locked up in the spirit of murder and religion) The person you attack today may be the very ones who are destined to bless you. Preach to your Ninevites, Prophesy to your Ninevites and don’t have a pity party because the ones you wanted God to destroy, repents and becomes a mighty vessel. Gamaliel told Saul (Paul) to be careful unless you find yourself fighting against God. Pray about it and go on with your life.

Jesus Seeks the Lost

It is never God’s will for any to perish, but that all should come to repentance and have everlasting life. Whether a person does us wrong or others wrong is not the prevailing issue at hand. The solid fact remains that He wants His people saved and not destroyed. As a Kingdom people, we must wear this principle like a choker around our necks. Many offenses will come to blind us to this very thing but may we remember, Jesus came to seek and save that which was lost. And sadly, some of the lost are those who once were found.

Fascinate Yourself with the Gift Giver

The gift of prophecy is not an indicator that one is a prophet. In fact, the gift of prophecy is neither an indicator of salvation. Jesus said there will be MANY in that day who will say, LORD, HAVE WE NOT PROPHESIED IN YOUR NAME? And His response, I NEVER KNEW YOU. Just because someone prophesies the shoes off your feet does not make them a prophet. Don’t become fascinated by the gift, fascinate yourself with the GIFT GIVER.

False Burdens

As prophets, we must be vigilant to not make our burdens the BURDEN of the Lord and vice versa. When God conveys His heart to you, He expects a response. That res

ponse is not to grieve you sorely to your heart, but it is to PARTNER with Him and pray His perfect will. God wants His prophetic people to stand in the gap and make up a hedge. He wants His people to petition Him to CHANGE COURSES of people’s lives. If He wanted to simply destroy humanity, He would not share it, He would just do it, but if He shares it it’s because He wants to feel His heart and pray about it.

God is Love and……..

God is Love and God is also Just. He will love you and chastise you at the same time. He is the God who will bless you and He is the same God who will pour out His wrath; and He does it all in Love. The carnal mind will never apprehend that. God is good when times are good, He is still good when times are bad. He is God and He is Love, but Love is NOT His only personality trait