An Esauic Manifestation

Just as a wise parent stores up their child’s inheritance for their set time, so we must as prophets, when we prophesy, also articulate to the people of God that though the promises of God are yes and amen, there yet remains a SET TIME when these things will be fully manifested in the earth realm. It is important to convey this while releasing a prophetic word because there are some who will run with the word and not tarry for the fullness of the timing of the prophetic word. Many will even label you as a false prophet because the word they received from you has not been fulfilled in a timely manner, according to their hedonistic calendar. Be certain to share with them that although you are accurately hearing the word of the Lord as it pertains to them, they must align their lives with the word of God in order to facilitate its manifestation. We CAN hinder the word’s fulfillment when our character has not matured while the WORD is being matured. This causes a misalignment and will result in an Esauic type of manifestation, which is self motivated and self inflicted. So let us as prophets be mindful of such things as we go forth releasing the Word of the Lord to the people of God. It is the heart of a prophet to WANT to see the people prosper, be in health even as their souls prosper.

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