Ask Good Questions

There was a time YEARS AGO when parents played an influential role in the marriages of their children. They would help their son or daughter choose the right mate because they would discern the family the potential mate was born in. They would tell you if he was a good man or if she was a good woman. They would tell you if he had work ethic or if she had good morals because they watched the families that they came from. Today is not so. Today, most, young people choose for themselves who they want to marry. And many times GOOD, SOLID QUESTIONS that they need to be asking ARE LEFT UNANSWERED. It doesn’t matter if he doesn’t work HE IS FINE. It doesn’t matter if she can’t boil an egg, SHE IS FINE. It doesn’t matter what is lurking in the bloodstream, whether there are generational curses, false religions, abnormal behaviors, sexual confusion, or worse, all they know is that they have FALLEN IN LOVE. Parents, stop holding your peace when you see your child about to make the m

istake of their life. IT IS NOT OKAY. Whether they listen or not doesn’t matter. GET THESE THINGS TOLD. You may possibly save a divorce or someone’s life.

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