Soar on the King’s Wings

Prophetess Delisa Lindsey: To soar on the wings of an eagle is not to ride on the back of someone’s anointing to see how far they can take you, but rather to put forth the effort to trust the Father in the midst of your storms for yourself. It means that you are spiritually able to lift yourself from self-pity through prayer and elevate yourself in a realm of leaning and depending on the Almighty One to demonstrate His power despite your weakness. It means that you trust Him to comfort you, guide you, lead you and provide for you in the very face of opposition and to know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He is a SUSTAINER and an ENABLER. That’s where you soar on the Wing of the KING of all Birds, the Eagle.


Agree with God’s Timing

Prophetess Delisa Lindsey: No matter how anxious you may be for an answered prayer, don’t make a move until you have received a Heavenly Response. This is not the time to imagine a response or conjure up a response because you are tired of waiting. What you are up against is very detrimental to your life and one mistake can cause years of delay. God is going to give you the answer to your problem and will give you the wisdom key to unlock the door but you must exercise patience to wait for it. The situation is not ripe enough for the hand of God to move. There are other factors involved that you have not considered and if you move on the situation right now, a great work will be hindered. Rest in faith that God has you and has not forgotten. He is preparing the opportunity for you to shine but it must agree with His timing.

Know Their Appointment

¬†Prophetess Delisa Lindsey: The work and people called to work with you were appointed BEFORE your arrival on earth. You will feel it deep within when those around you are the appointed or the disappointed almost from the moment you meet them. Even as Jesus knew that among those called that there would be those who betrayed Him (Judas was not Jesus’ only betrayer, multitudes of others betrayed Him too), He allowed the process to fulfill itself. While being equipped with certain spiritual truths concerning those connecting to you, one must yet strive to be long suffering and let patience take her free course to fulfill the perfect will of the Lord. With that being said, there are no excuses for not manifesting the plan of God in our lives, whether people stand with you or against you, it’s all apart of the plan of God.

The Lap of Compromise

Samson lost his strength while laying in the lap of compromise. It is at the point of indulgence in the pleasures of this life that we lose focus of the true call to service. Samson was anointed, he was called and he was surely equipped, but one thing Samson lacked was a pair of razor sharp eyes to see where his traps were set. The enemy used the lust of his flesh to destroy his ministry, and whereas his discernment should have been razor sharp, the razor instead became a tool the enemy used to cut off his strength. May we be ever minded that no matter who we are and to what we have been called to do in the Kingdom of our God, we all are susceptible to falling prey to the enemy’s devices IF we don’t acknowledge and submit to the keeping power of our God to sustain us (as we want to be sustained) from succumbing to the lust of the flesh. Jesus prayed like this, Lead us not into temptation but deliver us from ALL evil. Prophet Isaiah said it like this, You will keep in perfect peace those whose minds are stayed on You. David said it like this, Great peace have they who love your law, and nothing can make them stumble. Father today we know that You are well able to keep us in the hour of temptation as we lend ourselves to you perpetually and submit to the power within Your Word. Deliver us from every satanic trap set to derail our destiny in Jesus name, amen.

Daughters or Divas

Too many mothers in Zion are raising DIVAS instead of DAUGHTERS. These women are haughty, rebellious and raging out of control. Think about the LEGACY you leave for the next Generation. If you think the DIVORCE rate is out of control now, you are about to really see the FRUIT of this DANGEROUS SPIRIT. It ain’t CUTE being CARNAL AND CUNNING.

Tolerated Heat

When God gets done molding and shaping you then you will be ready for eternity. You still have wrinkles that He uses STEAM AND PRESSURE to remove. You still have spots that He uses CLEANSER, SANITIZER, AND FRICTION to remove. You are in His Washing Machine, Dryer, and Steam Press. It’s better to tolerate the heat now than later.

Keep Up The Pace

Each of us has a race set before us to win. The task is to endure the journey without growing weary and succumbing to the pressures of life. Professional bikers know that the lightest bike enables them to travel further, faster. Who is riding shot gun on your bike? What is slowing you down? Shake it off and get going. Get rid of the pressure and keep up the pace.

Pray For Yourself

God wants to talk to You about You. He will spend more time dealing with Your Person than Another Person. He will not bring anyone else’s problems to you before you have corrected your own. Many times in prayer we are waging war against the ENEMY when in truth, we should declare war on the INNER-ME. Don’t fool yourself claiming to pray for nations and you have yet to pray for yourself.

Find Out Who You Are

The reason why you are still imitating TBN and WORD network preaching styles is because you have not developed your own. You have a SPIRITUAL IDENTITY CRISIS and need to find out WHO YOU ARE. You were CREATED, NOT CLONED. You are fearfully and wonderfully made. Fall in love with the man in the mirror and not the man on stage. Don’t sell yourself short and don’t undermine the God in You.