Deliverance at Bethphage

As Jesus was preparing His triumphal entry into Jerusalem, he passed by a town called Bethphage and noticed a donkey with a young colt tied there. He sent to His disciples to loose the donkeys and tell their master that Jesus had need of them and that they will be returned. You may be located in Bethphage, the PLACE OF UNRIPENED FRUIT and have been tied down to the cares of this life. Like the donkey, you have been carrying burdens and have been confined to a spiritual place called HIDDEN POTENTIAL, but the Lord has need of you. You have gifts and fruit which have yet to be discovered and the burdens of people who don’t want to move to the next place in God has arrested you as well. Deliverance has come to Bethphage. No longer will the enemy of your destiny cuff you to a pole of going nowhere. No longer will those connected to you, as the young colt, be bound because no one sees who you really are and what God wants to make possible through you. Let this word reach you today and loose the bands of spiritual retardation and stunted growth and let your true purpose in God arise and meet His true Master. And when you return to that place like Moses, you shall no longer return as captive but as a DELIVERER to loose other ‘donkeys and colts’ and release them into their God given purpose.

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