Prophet or Holy Prophet?

Delisa Lindsey: Abraham was a Chaldean prophet from Ur until God called him out of Babylon unto a new place and sanctified him unto Himself as a holy prophet and friend of God. People, let’s not be deceived. Many people have proclaimed themselves to be prophets, but whose prophet are they? Balaam was a prophet. Jezebel called herself prophetess, and even the old man who seduced the younger prophet to disobey God was a prophet. The term prophet is a loose term that anyone can use but to be a holy prophet of God is something quite different. Many have prophet or prophetess before their name and rightfully so. They can prophesy, foretell, predict, or dream of things to come, but never make the mistake of associating all prophets with God’s holy prophets. God’s prophets have been cut out of their own mold and will not compromise with sin, won’t divide the Body of Christ, and will not partake in anything against the nature of God. Taste the person’s fruit to see if their is a bitter aftertaste, see if the spirit of God agrees with their character before you count a prophet as one of God’s holy prophets.

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