Truth About Prophets and Finances

 Delisa Lindsey: God’s Holy Prophets will deliver the word of the Lord whether the requesting agency has money or not. They are not bound by physical barriers. As with Elijah, when there were no provisions, God Himself sent provisions to Him. If a prophet tells you that you cannot afford to bring them in, count that a blessing that you have not subjected yourself nor your people to being fleeced. While it is biblical to honor those sent to minster to you or those you seek out to minister to you as in the case of Saul bringing silver to Samuel, the prophet will reveal the word of the Lord regardless of the honorarium. If they are God’s holy prophets, the spirit of God will compel you to give, you won’t feel pressured or raped and you will INDEED be blessed for doing so because you obeyed GOD, the widow of Zarephath can testify to this.

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