The Little Girl Who Waited – Poem

Like the little girl sitting Indian style in her bedroom floor, I wait for my Father. Even when He seems far away and will take forever to return to me, I wait for my Father. While I wait, I reminisce of the times we shared; times of happiness, times of comfort, still I wait for My Father. I sing songs I know are His favorite, for He taught them to me, as I wait for my Father. As I am consumed with thinking of Him and singing to Him, I hear the shifting of keys in the door, My heart beats with nervous anticipation, my fingers twitch, my palms sweat, I jump from my place on the floor and run to the door, Can hardly wait to grab Him and hold Him. Here He comes, the Love of my life, the one whom my soul adores. I hear His Feet, stepping majestically toward me, and the smell of His Victories. I hear Him calling my name, Daughter, your Father is here. The moment His Presence enters the room, all my fears are relieved, my problems solved. I forget the agony of waiting and for a moment even forget the songs I sang, I am raptured in His Presence. I fall into His Arms and sob uncontrollably. My Father, my Father has come. And He lifts up my head to hear me say, I was worshipping you Daddy while I waited. He says, I know Daughter, I know. It was your song of worship that sought Me, attracted Me, and brought Me here to you. – pdl


Block ALL Pop Ups

If you have been on the internet for any period of time, no doubt you have had to deal with ‘pop ups’. These are those annoying ads that invade your screen when visiting certain unsafe sites. It’s relatively easy to control them by activating your ‘pop up blocker’ which will prevent these ads from disturbing you as you surf the web. But the danger of them is that they sometimes infect your computers with viruses. I declare to you that your life has been invaded by POP UPS. Each time you make progress, here comes a POP UP. Every time you try to move forward, here comes a POP UP. Just when you have made your mind up to do what God says do, here comes a POP UP. I announce to you today that the Spirit of the God has endowed you with the power to BLOCK ALL POP UPS. No longer shall you be hindered, delayed, or denied. You will succeed, you will progress, and you will fulfill your Kingdom assignments. This is a season in your life to BLOCK POP UP PEOPLE, POP UP PROBLEMS, AND POP UP PAIN! Pop Ups, we speak to you in Jesus name and we declare that you shall be BLOCKED FROM OUR LIVES, and you shall not DISTURB US ANYMORE. We will SURF through life uninhibited, unencumbered, unabused, unashamed, and unafraid in Jesus name, amen.

Problem Larger Than It Appears

Problems in our lives have an uncanny way to seem larger than life. They have an intimidation to them that causes us to shrink back from confronting them. I am hearing the Lord say that, YOUR PROBLEMS APPEAR LARGER THAN THEY ARE. Its an illusion from the enemy designed to torment you with fear to the point that you never challenge it. But My son, My daughter, draw closer to the problem and you will see that it is INDEED smaller than you realized. In fact, the closer you get, the more courage you will have to stand face to face with your problem. It is at that place of GREAT FAITH that I will equip you with strategy to UNCOVER your problem, EXPOSE it for what it really is, and UNVEIL My Mind to you that you may OVERCOME. Get ready to cast that MOUNTAIN OF PROBLEMS into the Sea because you have the GREATER ONE inside of you and I KNOW NO DEFEAT.

A Planted Rock

If you have ever noticed the rocks in a stream, you will observe that no matter how fast or how strong the waters run over them, they never move. They remain planted, un-moveable, and determinedly persistent. Because Christ is in you, you are like that Rock. Though the waters of trouble, trial, and testing run over you, You will never be moved. God has planted you in Him and NO MAN or NO THING shall pluck the Rock which He has planted out of His place. So whereas everyone else has allowed their trials to move and bend them, You are like that Rock PLANTED IN THE RIVERS OF WATER, AND YOU SHALL NOT BE MOVED. Tell yourself that, I SHALL NOT BE MOVED.