Block ALL Pop Ups

If you have been on the internet for any period of time, no doubt you have had to deal with ‘pop ups’. These are those annoying ads that invade your screen when visiting certain unsafe sites. It’s relatively easy to control them by activating your ‘pop up blocker’ which will prevent these ads from disturbing you as you surf the web. But the danger of them is that they sometimes infect your computers with viruses. I declare to you that your life has been invaded by POP UPS. Each time you make progress, here comes a POP UP. Every time you try to move forward, here comes a POP UP. Just when you have made your mind up to do what God says do, here comes a POP UP. I announce to you today that the Spirit of the God has endowed you with the power to BLOCK ALL POP UPS. No longer shall you be hindered, delayed, or denied. You will succeed, you will progress, and you will fulfill your Kingdom assignments. This is a season in your life to BLOCK POP UP PEOPLE, POP UP PROBLEMS, AND POP UP PAIN! Pop Ups, we speak to you in Jesus name and we declare that you shall be BLOCKED FROM OUR LIVES, and you shall not DISTURB US ANYMORE. We will SURF through life uninhibited, unencumbered, unabused, unashamed, and unafraid in Jesus name, amen.

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