Problem Larger Than It Appears

Problems in our lives have an uncanny way to seem larger than life. They have an intimidation to them that causes us to shrink back from confronting them. I am hearing the Lord say that, YOUR PROBLEMS APPEAR LARGER THAN THEY ARE. Its an illusion from the enemy designed to torment you with fear to the point that you never challenge it. But My son, My daughter, draw closer to the problem and you will see that it is INDEED smaller than you realized. In fact, the closer you get, the more courage you will have to stand face to face with your problem. It is at that place of GREAT FAITH that I will equip you with strategy to UNCOVER your problem, EXPOSE it for what it really is, and UNVEIL My Mind to you that you may OVERCOME. Get ready to cast that MOUNTAIN OF PROBLEMS into the Sea because you have the GREATER ONE inside of you and I KNOW NO DEFEAT.

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