Call Me Peculiar

When you have paid a high price for what you have, you are very sensitive about who handles it. This is why there is a such a high percentage of Kingdom believers now who are fed up with stupidity because they have paid a handsome price for where they are in God and are refusing to settle for second best. They have walked away from the closest of friends, relocated, and have even distanced themselves from family because they paid too much for their oil to be wasted on nonsense. You can tell who borrowed their stuff from YouTube because they allow anything and everything to enter their sphere. But when YOU have sacrificed, crucified, denied, resisted, spurned, turned, prayed and fasted to be in a certain place in God, you have every right to tell a person, NO, YOU CAN’T FIT IN WHERE YOU WANT TO GET IN. Folk might get mad with you and call you FUNNY, but that’s alright, God is calling you a new name too. He calls you, PECULIAR.

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