God’s Divine Order of Ministry

We live in a church society where a person’s gift is more readily identified than their character. We have become too hasty to label a person by their gift and are taken aback when their true character is revealed. The Bible instructs us to lay hands suddenly on no man lest we become partaker of that man’s sin. Many are in a hurry to be ordained and labeled as such and such, but just as Jesus was led to the wilderness to be tested, so must we as spiritual leaders allow the proper time of testing and maturity to take place to ensure the person’s character can sustain them while they function in their gift. There will be some who grow frustrated and impatient with that process and try to force the hand of leadership to put them in position, but be steadfast in this, we ought to obey God rather than man. Guard your self and ministry against spirits of retaliation, strife, manipulation, and contention through concerted and strategic warfare. If a person leaves your assembly because they cannot endure a season of testing, pray for their smooth transition as they depart but turn your attention to and focus your time and energies on those who are willing to submit to God’s divine order of ministry.

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