Holy Prophets of God

I don’t know what it is about people who think prophets are 24hr prophesiers. We are not ATMs, a McDonald’s 24hr Drive Thru, or a TV On-Demand Box. We can only speak as the Lord speaks. The Spirit of Prophecy must be stirred and released before we can release a Word. But because we have so many JACK IN THE BOX prophets running around spewing words like a leaky faucet, many people are confused when you tell them the Lord has not released you to speak. I can give you my opinion, my thoughts, my ideas and my mind on a matter if that will mean anything to you and if it will help, but I cannot release the word of the Lord until He does so. And I am not about to make up something to appear deep under no circumstances. People are feening for prophecy so much now that they will join your church if you are a prophet so you can prophesy to them all day long. And what for if you have no intention of walking it out? Granted, there will be times when there is a flooding of the Word of God and it will reach the people and bless the people but there are other times when God hides Himself so that He is SOUGHT AFTER. Be it far from me to interrupt that process for some impatient character who can’t wait on God. We are prophets of God. We function in His Government. We are not moonlighters, unemployed, shiftless, or deep at all. We await our assignment whether it is to teach, preach, prophesy, rebuke, or edify but those instructions hail from the One who called us, equipped us, and will ultimately judge us. I may not be the brightest crayon in the box, but thank God that at least I’ve got this one thing figured out.

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