Stop Wandering and Return to the Basics

We cannot be a wandering people – chasing every wind of doctrine we hear. There must be enough of a word foundation within us that when new and strange doctrines hit our ears, our spirit man knows to immediately reject it. The problem today is that we fall for every new wave that comes to town because we are not grounded. We don’t really believe what we believe because we don’t think it’s working for us, so we seek new formulas and new methods to manifesting what we want. The enemy tosses us to and fro with what sounds good and feels good but when the circus is over, we have wasted time, money and an opportunity to draw close to the Lord to find out what the true hindrances are. You can’t force God’s hand to do anymore for you than He already had planned. A new prayer, a new book, a new song, and the other new things may all appear exciting at first, but ultimately you have to resort to what the initial problem was in the first place and go back to basics; repentance, prayer, meditation in the Word and living holy.

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