The Waterbug Revelation

My husband treated me to dinner last night in honor of my birthday. As we sat at our table eating and talking I saw something in my peripheral vision moving. He and I both looked up at the same time to notice a black waterbug crawling on the INSIDE of the window near my seat. Needless to say, I was ready to jump and run, turning the table over in the process if need be! My husband said, don’t move, be still. With a look of panic in my eyes, I did what he said. Sure enough the bug crawled back away from me. Yes, I lost my appetite but there was a lesson to be learned. The enemy of our salvation does not want us to enjoy times of peace and bonding. Therefore he waits in the shadows to see when and where he can make his grand appearance to disturb our lives. In this case, while a man and his wife enjoy each other’s company, the enemy strikes to cause panic, disturbance, and loss of intimacy. But like my husband said, we must learn to be unmovable during those times. My reaction was to run, jump, scream, disturb the peace, tell the manager and never frequent that establishment again, but the Lord takes the foolish things of this world to confound the wise. I learned a valuable lesson, if we would learn to stand still and not panic when situations arise, most times the enemy will retreat because he has no fear to feed upon. Stand your ground and don’t let your adversary move you from your place. Rest confidently in the Lord knowing that He will sustain you and protect you. And above all, enjoy the ordained seasons of peace; he will lead you beside still waters.

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