Get the Blueprint!!

Much of what the Lord has called you to is not a walk in the park. You won’t be able to study a course and just ‘get it’. You must not only hear His instructions, but you must also get His strategy. Many of us run off of what we ‘heard’ but we don’t stand still long enough to hear the ‘whole conclusion’. Truth be told, many times we start these projects, become frustrated, and stop in the middle because we have vision, but not provision. We didn’t stick around long enough to hear ALL of God’s plans be revealed. No one is arguing that you didn’t hear God, but did you hear Him say, When, Where, with Whom, Why, and How? You’ve got the What but you ran presumptuously and in over-zealousness fell flat on your face. Don’t blame the devil or the haters!! Blame those fast feet that ran off with half of the instructions! Go back and get the Blueprint!

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