Jesus, You, and the Religious Rulers

The religious rulers of Jesus’ day followed Him to witness and observe all the works He had done and yet their hearts were hardened the more. They saw Jesus heal, raise the dead, feed multitudes, and show compassion but instead of them giving Glory to the Father for what was being done THAT THEY THEMSELVES HAVE NEVER DONE, they fought and challenged Him. Listen, there are some people with the same religious mind today. If they didn’t do it, it’s not God. Who does he/she think they are? Why are they over there with them? What are they doing now? These people are more concerned with what you are doing than what the Lord is doing through you. I cannot tell you how many hecklers the enemy has assigned to me because I stopped counting but I will say this, if we as a Christian community of people would learn to celebrate one another for the Glory that is being given to the Father on behalf of those who truly have a heart to serve, then maybe the active half of us wouldn’t be so overworked. People don’t want to help you but they don’t mind putting their mouth on you. Jesus encountered this and so are we. But one thing our Lord did not do was entertain their nonsense. When they posed Him a question, many times He would answer in a parable form. Why? Because He knew they were too religious to get in the Word and study the spiritual meaning for themselves. In a nutshell, if you want to know what is keeping those religious spirits at bay, it’s not the excellency of your speech, it’s your capacity to carry the Word. A religious person will not study to learn the truth because they really don’t want to know. So be encouraged and know this, the reason they are watching you from a distance and following you in the spirit without directly approaching you is because their Word level is too low to confront you. Let them watch you while you work the Word!

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