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The Gift of Healing

We have seen many waves hit the church. First we saw the evangelists emerge, the teachers, the pastors, the prophets, and now the apostles. (may or may not be in that order) But we have seen it all. Every new thing that comes along, we grab it. Any new word that comes along, we say it. Any new song come along, we sing the bottom out of it. The church knows how to wear it out!! But if you want to k

now which group of people God is going to release next, I will tell you.


When the Lord revealed this to me, I changed my entire career pattern to get postured for what’s about to take place. See people think the gift of healing is all about wheel chairs, crutches, terminal illnesses and the sort . There is so much more to it than that. When people finally find out that the prophecies given to them by false prophets carries no weight in the heavenlies at all, great mental battles will ensue.

If you think marriages are ending in divorce twice as the number of people still married, you haven’t seen anything yet. (When I revealed this to my church, you could hear a pin drop!) Do you see what is taking place now? Well what you see is the next generation of parents, single parents, husbands and wives about to emerge. I can’t go any further but I will say this, for those who played in church and faked it trying to make it, a rude awakening is coming for certain and if more churches don’t practice the ministry of deliverance, CASTING OUT DEVILS, there is going to be a lot of manifestations taking place in the pews and probably the pulpit too!!!


Breathe, Don’t Exhale

Breathe!! And I don’t mean, exhale, I mean BREATHE the Word of God over your stuff. The Bible says that God formed Adam and when He breathed into Adam’s nostrils, he became a living soul. May I suggest to you beloved friend that you have things that are formed but are not living because you failed to breathe? Instead of breathing many of us have been cursing our things. We lack patience therefore 

if we don’t see fruit within the next 36 hours, it ain’t God!! Can we knock off that nonsense and learn how to trust and believe in our God? Can we use the same spiritual DNA that moves within our very being right now to facilitate a change in our circumstances to the point that things will never be the same? Can we breathe? Can we perform supernatural CPR over that thing with a weak heartbeat that is not striving but barely surviving?

While you are waiting for the next great Magical and Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious, wonder performing prophet to come to our city, your stuff is dying!!! Use the seed of God that lies within you, activate your authority in Jesus name by actually using it with power and BREATHE on your own stuff! BREATHE!
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Preoccupied with Religion

Religion has warped many of our minds so much that many of the places where we are needed, we are told to avoid. How many years will we sit in the building waiting for the unsaved to find us? Most of us spend our Saturdays preparing for Sunday without so much as a thought of taking time to invite someone to worship along with us. We get our hair done, rotate the tires, mow the lawn, go shopping, t

hrow a cookout, and cook huge Sunday dinners to feed ourselves for all the ‘work’ we have done in the Kingdom because many of us have fooled our ownselves into thinking that we are truly working for God.

When I consider the life of Jesus, you might say that He was quite the Radical One. He visited people’s homes to pray for them and to heal them. These days, the only knock you get on your door is by someone pushing you a magazine. Knock on my door and offer to pray for me? Ask me if I need healing? Wow, how radical!!!

We have our car washes, fish fry dinners, BBQ dinners and church wide yard sales, but who goes after the lost? Then we sit in service on Sunday waiting on the heaviest prophetic word that Heaven can find to appease our prophetic fixation. I am sure you know where this is going and I’ve turned some off, already!!

Religion divides and conquers. Religion crucified our Lord. God’s Resurrection Power raise Him again. Religion looks down the nose at the ‘poor sinner on their way to hell’. Religion dresses a certain way, acts a certain way, talks a certain way, and it treats others a certain way. Religion will cause you to miss God on a Sunday because someone is in ‘your’ seat. Religion likes tradition and hates change. Religion keeps us so occupied on Saturday preparing for Sunday that many of the Kingdom assignments go undone because we are too busy (doing nothing)!

How did we become a ‘church’ society of selfish people? There was absolutely nothing selfish about the Lord Jesus. If anything, He was self-less. If we say we follow CHRIST, then we need to FOLLOW CHRIST, not just His Gifts, but His Fruit too!

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More Laborers!!

If you are doing a work and God calls someone else to do a similar work, how do you react? I marvel at how secular industries such as restaurants and gas stations can be located within yards of each other but both be successful. Do you know why that is? Because in America, we have what is called, Free Enterprise. That means Americans can work as much as they want, earn as much money as they want, 

own as many businesses as they want because they have the right to pursue happiness. Because of that, Circle K and 7 Eleven can be next door neighbors and neither business can infringe on the rights of the other business to earn money because of free enterprise.

Now tell me what the problem is with CHURCH FOLK?!!! They have a revival and if you have one 2 weeks later, they swear up and down that you are HATING ON THEM! What kind of nonsense is that and where did you get it from? Jesus never divided against the Kingdom. He said the HARVEST IS PLENTIFUL BUT THE LABORERS are few. So if the Lord is releasing MORE LABORERS IN THE VINEYARD and you manifest, something is terribly wrong! You might want to check that!!!

I have never seen Burger King sue McDonald’s because they were both selling hamburgers!!! I have never seen Subway sue Jersey Mike’s because they both sold sub sandwiches. But when the people of God come together to pray for our nation, our families and our churches and get attacked for it by another saint, SOMETHING IS WRONG!!!!! 

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Religion Takes Back Seat

Jesus said you shall know a tree by the fruit it bears. If ever there was a time when the Lord comes to expose the root of a person’s tree, the time is now. The Lord Jesus also said in Matt. 12:30 that whoever was not with Him was against Him. You are in a season now where the Lord is exposing ROOTS OF TREES and the HEARTS OF MAN. There are folk walking around right now completely naked because th

e Lord has stripped them that others may see the core of their darkened hearts. One thing Jesus NEVER DID was divide against the Word of God. If someone is telling you not to do what you know you heard God tell you to do, that person is operating in another spirit and it is NOT the Spirit of God. God will never tell you not to do what He called you to. Stand fast in the liberty wherewith Christ has made you free and don’t you dare let another human being block your way. The Kingdom is advancing, we are bringing Heaven down to earth and religion is about to take a back seat. 

Cry out in Faith

The Lord Jesus only journeyed to places where He was needed. He went where there were the diseased and the afflicted and because there was a pull of faith on behalf of the people, He responded in healing and deliverance. ‘Church attenders’ wonder why there is no change in their lives and the answer is relatively simply, there is no faith.

If you don’t expect nothing, you don’t get nothing! (gramm

atically poor on purpose) Why should the Lord heal or deliver if you don’t want it? In our church, we take up one offering and give one call for prayer, if you don’t want to give or don’t need prayer, we surely won’t beg you! The choice is yours; we make the offer, you make the decision.

The Lord shows up where He is welcomed, honored, and obeyed. He does not make guest appearances simply because He was invited. He desires to be where He is needed, not to show a cameo appearance like He is a side show. (NOW, WE WILL HAVE JESUS COME TO THE STAGE TO PERFORM A MIRACLE!) You don’t pull Him out the hat when you need Him and put Him back on the leash when you’re done! What the world???

When Mary invited Jesus to the wedding in Cana, she wanted Him to perform a miracle, but Jesus told her His time had not yet come. He knew the people were not ready to receive a thing from Him because their faith had not yet been activated.

The only demand placed on the Lord Jesus was by a waterpot. The waterpots were empty and needed to be refilled. The Lord Jesus found enough faith in the empty waterpots to convert them to wine. As least they, earthen vessels, had enough sense to know they were empty and needed to stand before the Lord Jesus to be filled! What about us?

Some of us are so thirsty in spirit that we have what I call, the dry mouth. Some of us are gasping for air, forcing something out of nothing, trying to make a dollar out of $0.15 and have too much pride to cry out to God for WATER!

Come on, let’s be real about it. Do you really think the Lord is going to invade your life with blessings simply because you WANT HIM or do you think He prefers those WHO NEED HIM! I don’t know about you but the song comes to mind, Lord, I Need Thee! Every Hour!!

Spiritual Warfare

Paralysis of Fear

Fear is PARALYZING and will prevent you from WALKING in your destiny. Fear has torment which is Basanizo in Greek. It means that fear questions you by applying torture, vexes you with grievous pain, harasses and distresses you, and batters or beats you up. Now you know for certain that God HAS NOT GIVEN YOU THE SPIRIT OF FEAR. Therefore apply the pressure of your faith, pick up your bed AND WALK. 

Let every person who has been crippled by fear and lame in their faith, rise up from their bed of emotional and mental confinement and walk in the full stature of a man in Christ in Jesus name.


What’s Next Lord?

When you get to the point where you are pressed against the wall and don’t know what else to do, the words that unconsciously proceed out of your mouth become the most powerful words of that season. You are either going to say, Lord, that’s it, I’m done. Or, Lord, where do I go from here?

If you ask the latter question, you will have moved into a supernatural realm of faith. Because you didn’t gi

ve up but dared to ask the Lord what to do IN SPITE of what it looks like, He’s going to bump you into something that you never dreamed of.

The Lord wants you to get to the place called, Lord, What’s Next? He is looking for those few good (wo)men who will stand against the wall yet still determined to find a way out.

Moses reached the end of his road. He had a mumbling crowd all around him and a furious, homicidal army behind him. His back was against the wall. What did he do? He looked up to find his help. He had to ask, Lord, What’s Next?

You can’t go back, standing still is not an option, so what do you do? You move forward. You use what you have and you make it work. Moses had a rod, what do you have? One of my favorite sayings around my house is, Either you are going to Barbecue or Mildew, but do Something!

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Bind Word Curses

Don’t you ever allow another human being to tell you what you cannot do. No one has power over your life except what you give them. One of the more favorite sayings around my house is, “I BIND THAT!” Even my children, from the oldest to the youngest, have been taught how to BIND WORD CURSES. If you tell them something contrary to who they are and what God or their parents say about them, they will

 let you know quick, fast, and in a hurry, ‘I BIND THAT!’

Case in point, years ago while studying Human Services (fancy word for Social Worker!), I had a Psychology professor who challenged my intellect. I won’t name him because he has authored several psychology textbooks, but he is an atheist. He told us at the beginning of class that no one has ever passed his class with an A. He then proceeded to give us his ‘dissertation’ on why he doesn’t believe in God and all that jazz. I knew from the beginning that this was going to be a challenge because I had always maintained at least a 3.7 GPA and I was not about to let this devil ruin it.

For an entire semester, I had to listen to this man rant and rave about his ‘gospel of science’. He would take jabs at my faith nearly every week, but I overcame that because I wanted to show him that I was going to pass his class with an A. I was determined that I was going to make him out to be a liar.

I won’t lie to you, it was very challenging. Because he wrote for the textbook, he taught it backwards and forwards, barely being specific. I had to read and read and read some more, but I could not let him curse my GPA.

When we took our final exam, he graded the papers as we handed them in. He told us that we would know our final grade before we left. I handed him my paper and waited. My heart was thumping like a band during half time but I knew that I worked hard, put up with his nonsense and never missed a class. I want you to know that when he called me for my final grade, he had this crazy look on his face. He looked at me and said, I don’t know how you did this, but you passed the final with a 97 and made an A for your final grade!!! Flesh wanted to snatch that paper out of his hand and hit him in the head with it!!! but I said, Thank you, Dr… and have a Merry Christmas!!! (knowing full well that agitated him because he hates God with a passion)

I hope I used my pain and grief with that man to encourage you to never come into agreement with something someone says negative about you. BIND IT and prove the devil wrong!


No More Excuses: Do It

Revelation 2:5 ASV, “Remember therefore whence thou art fallen, and repent and do the first works; or else I come to thee, and will move thy candlestick out of its place, except thou repent.”

We all have areas in our lives where we have fallen. Things that we should have done and have not done. Assignments that should have been completed that we haven’t even started. And Lord knows that many of u

s have lost that fire that we once had for the things of God. We have allowed so many distractions to step between us and the will of God that it’s ridiculous. It’s time to repent and return.

People will argue for years that the reason they did this is because of that. Or the reason they are this way is because of what happened. Those excuses may sit well with man but not with God. The Lord does not honor excuses. Moses tried it. He thought just because he had a speech impediment, he couldn’t be God’s mouthpiece. Jeremiah thought he was too young. Isaiah thought his lips were too unclean. Jacob thought he was too deceiving and David thought he had committed too many trespasses. God knows you better than you know you, therefore if He has assigned a work for you to do, DO IT! Mary said, whatever He tells you to do, DO IT.

We don’t want any more of your excuses. Millions of youth are dying because of excuses. Divorces are taking place because of excuses. Ministries are still in seed form because of excuses. We have heard them all. Your credit is bad. You didn’t graduate high school. You are a single parent. You were adopted. You were abused. Nobody likes you. You are handicapped. You weren’t raised with your parent. You have allergies. You don’t eat red meat. EVERYONE HAS AN EXCUSE, but God is not accepting them because He called you beyond your faults or your issues. Either He is God, or He’s not. It’s not your ability He’s depending on anyway, it’s His. If He told you to do it, DO IT!

You have another chance to do your first works. Whether it’s reading the Bible to the elderly. Raking leaves for the disabled or making ham and cheese sandwiches for the poor. Whatever it is, DO IT. Stop watching everybody else. Focus on you because at some point, God is going to raise up ‘a neighbor better than yourself’ to take your place. Ask Saul. Because who needs a lamp that won’t remain lit?