Is There Glory in Your Work?

One thing my senior prophet taught me, Prophet Daniel Pringle, is that every church has their own culture. Some churches labor in intercession, prayer and travail to open the Heavens over their services. Others are clueless or careless or just don’t know. Irregardless to that, it is your responsibility as God’s choice messenger to test the atmosphere, discern the climate, and adjust the thermostat if need be to ensure the seed of the Word being dropped is sown within the soil of man’s heart without obstruction, demonic or otherwise. Instead of standing in judgment of the House you were sent to serve, you as God’s messenger and chosen mouthpiece, must rend the Heavens on their behalf.

If you were sent on assignment to deliver a word, you must take responsibility to ensure the Word is being planted. If you have to lead them in prayer (like my overseer, Apostle Ivory Hopkins does), dive into worship or exaltation, minister deliverance or put people out the church (like Jesus did – Matt. 9:24-25), you have to be faithful to your assignment. Jonah ran from his assignment because he didn’t think the people would receive him, besides the fact that he hated them! But the Lord pull on him heavily because it was Jonah’s assignment to deliver that word. The Lord, Himself prepared the hearts of the people of Nineveh on his behalf because Jonah was quite incapable. But they received the Word of the Lord, repented and fasted. Think about this for those of you who are serious about ministry. (this certainly does not apply to hirelings who only want the offering) A speaking engagement is more than grabbing a mic and showing how talented you are. WHO CARES? At the end of the day, how well did you finish? Is there Glory in your work?

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