Open or Closed Heavens

Everything becomes easy when the Glory of God is present. Preaching is easy, deliverance comes easy, healings and miracles come easy, and breakthroughs come easy. But when the heavens are hard against you, when there is brass over your head and the Lord is not responding, everything becomes hard, calloused, and difficult. The people don’t have ears to hear nor a heart to understand what you are saying because the revelation of the Word is not being released to them.

You can preach and scream all you want to, jump on the pews, and perform a cartwheel if you like, but Heaven will not respond to you. Heaven responds to those it is familiar with. If you haven’t spent anytime in the prayer chamber, haven’t worshiped in the Throne Room, or even sacrificed honestly to advance God’s Kingdom on the Burning Altar, you are a foreigner and Heaven does not know you. The prophets of Baal thought they could move the God of Heaven with their sacrifices of noise and nonsense but there was brass over their head. Elijah made mockery of them because they claimed an ability they did not truly possess. You cannot call fire to respond to you when there is no fire in you. Elijah took his turn and the Lord not only responded, He consumed everything on the altar. The Glory confirms your place in God. If you are ministering without the Glory, you have wasted your breath, people’s time and God’s money. Discern now whether the heavens above you are open or brassy. Save yourself the embarrassment and shame when trying to call on a God you don’t personally know.

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