A True Shepherd

Let us understand what a shepherd really is. A shepherd was the man who was instructed by his father to live outdoors with the family’s flock of sheep. This was a lowly job that no one else in the family wanted to do. No one EVER volunteered to be a shepherd. Because of this, they had to be APPOINTED by the owner of the flock. Shepherds lived outside and among the sheep. Because sheep had poor eye sight, the shepherd used a rod or cane to guide them out to pasture. If a sheep wandered off, the shepherd secured the other sheep, always taking a head count, and sought after the missing sheep. Wolves and other carnivorous animals preyed on the sheep especially because they couldn’t fight, therefore the shepherd had to keep constant watch to ensure the sheep’s safety. At night, the shepherd would pen the sheep within a gate or fence and lay at the doorway or entrance to make sure they didn’t wander off and to protect them from their predators. The shepherd would barely sleep because any sudden noise would set off a possible threat to his flock. If a wolf or other animal approached, even in packs, the shepherd would risk his life fighting to protect the sheep. The shepherd was dirty and smelly from living with his sheep. He would also have a worn and tired look from the many sleepless nights he spent on watch. The shepherd also had scars, wounds and injuries inflicted by vicious animals threatening the life of his sheep. Jesus said I am the Good Shepherd. He laid His life down for His sheep. He was appointed by the Father to rescue us from our wanderings and from the enemy who constantly threatens us. Jesus said He is the Door, laying Himself at the entrance of the Gate watching who enters and who exits. He also bears the wounds of attack in His Hands and on His Feet where He gave His life for ours. Our pastors and spiritual leaders are the Under-shepherds whom like Peter have been given the commission to FEED MY SHEEP. I pray today that you praise the Lord Jesus for being the Good Shepherd and that you honor those whom He has appointed as His Under-shepherds now that you have a clearer understanding of what a true shepherd really is.

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