Game Face

Don’t you let people run you crazy with their nonsense. You have a right to protect your sanity. At this point in creation, there are more demonized people upon the face of the earth than ever before who are WILLING to yield to the works of their flesh. Satan is trying to wear out the patience of the saints of the most High God with stupidity. Don’t let that happen to you. Guard your mind. Guard y our heart. Choose what you respond to and what to ignore. Just because there has been a call to battle does not mean you have to wage war. Many of your battles will belong to the Lord and He will fight as you remain submitted to Him. This is a tough race to run with many obstacles to offset you. Stay focused, determined, and committed to pursuing your passion. You know too much to compromise your salvation and you are too mature now to resort to mud slinging. Put on your game face, stand upright, and press forth.

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