Master Quilt Maker

Years ago, my grandmother would make quilts. I would watch her patiently stitch together fabric from old clothing and create beautiful patterns with thick polyester filling which she used to give as a gifts to my aunts and uncles during winter to keep warm. It never dawned on me until that time why she kept old torn and tattered clothing. But when I saw her clip them into squares to be used as patterns on her quilts, I understood. My grandmother has since gone on to be with the Lord but for some reason her quilt came to mind. The Lord revealed to me that there was a revelation behind her quilt-making. He said, I am the Master Quilt Maker. I take fragments and pieces of your broken past and stitch them together to create a beautiful covering for you. I take what you may think is of no use or little value and I make a tapestry of experiences for you. This is what covers you and gives you comfort in the midst of the storms of life, is looking at that quilt and remembering where those fragments came from and how I used those broken pieces of your life to make YOU whole and complete. I used your tattered-ness to create a collage of victories that I have helped you overcome.

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