Worth the Fight

No matter how upset I may be with my government’s legislating of certain laws, I refuse to curse the country of my nativity. No matter how dissatisfied I may become with working, I am not going to quit and cause my family to starve. No matter how disenfranchised I may be with my church, I am not going to partner with the enemy to destroy it. No matter how miserable I may be in marriage, I am not going to give up, walk away and forfeit the best God graced opportunity (if it is indeed God-graced) to love and be loved. In every situation, there is a choice to give up and walk away or stand and fight to the end.

This land is filled with starters who ‘mean well’ but who will stand to the end? Anyone can rejoice in times of abundance and prosperity but who can endure those lean times? This country is the same country that men died to protect, died for voting rights, died for liberty from slavery, marched for fair treatment, and offers at least 12 free years of education to prepare you for competition in the labor force. But now we curse it That job is the same job YOU applied for and prayed that they accepted your application. It’s the same job you testified about and affords you that car and house you own. But now we hate it. That church (in some cases) is the same church you were saved in, delivered in, married in, raised children in and found your calling in, but now it’s a hot mess. That spouse (in some cases) is the same person you asked God for. Prayed for and searched for. Now that you’re married and you see them for who they really are, you want out to start all over again. It was a blessing, now it’s a mistake. Anyone can get mad, throw a tantrum, say hurtful things and walk away, but it takes a tall man (non gender) to stand and say, let’s fight for it until there is nothing left to fight for. Gal. 5:7 ISV, “You were running the race beautifully. Who cut in on you and stopped you ..” 2 Timothy 2:3, “You therefore endure hardness, as a good soldier of Jesus Christ.”

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